Eliminate Voles: How To Lay Your Vole Trap The CORRECT Way

With the growing number of vole nuisance, it is becoming extremely difficult to eliminate voles by using age-old methods. This is why many people have adopted to the method of trapping and killing voles to get rid of them. While trapping voles can prove quite expensive for some people, it is sometimes the only option you have to eliminate voles permanently. In this article I will tell you how to lay your trap correctly.

Placing the trap in the correct way is very important as far as trapping voles is concerned. Voles create runaways for themselves. These runaways often lead to a hole in which they live. Voles, as a rule of thumb, seldom stray away from their own runaways. So you should set the traps in the runaway itself. Make sure you place baits at right angles of the traps. The trigger end of the baited traps should be in the runaway itself. Placing the trap is only half the battle won. You need to regularly examine your traps, clear the dead voles from the trap and destroy the runaways as well as their habitats. Then if you feel that a particular place has no more voles left, you can shift your trap to a new location in your field.

The way you handle the dead voles is important. You need to wear gloves even before you touch them, as they may carry several forms of infections as well as parasites on their bodies. Then you should place the dead voles in your plastic bag. After that all you need to do is transport the bag to far off places.

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