Foods That Lower Blood Sugar-Important Things You Need To Know- Part II

Eating the right foods can help lower your blood sugar. In this article, I will tell you about the three magic foods that will provide you with all the nutrition you’ll ever need, and also won’t increase your blood sugar level even one bit! These foods are especially recommended for diabetes patients.

1. Carrots

Carrots contain a high percentage of beta-carotene, which is believed to lower the risk of diabetes. True that carrots contain sugar and this sugar is quickly transformed to glucose and passed into our blood stream. However, the amount of sugar contained in the carrots is very low, so it doesn’t raise the blood sugar levels as much as is sometimes speculated. Beta-carotene, often linked to a lower risk of diabetes, can be found in carrots. Studies have shown that the insulin levels of people who consume a high amount of beta-carotene had lower insulin levels(suggesting better control over blood sugar) than others. Besides beta-carotene, carrots are also a rich source of fiber.

2. Berries

Tasty berries- I am sure you love berries like ruby red strawberries and midnight- blue blueberries because they taste sweet. What you may not know is that they are also good for diabetes. Why? Even though they taste sweet, their sweetness is caused by Fructose, instead of Sucrose (which is present in sugar); hence they are friendly for blood sugar patients, because the amounts of sugar they produce don’t raise the blood sugar levels much.

Berries will help you keep your blood sugar in check because they are rich in fiber and red-blue natural plant compounds called anthocyanins. Scientists believe that anthocyanins boost insulin productions and hence, help in lowering the blood sugar levels. Always prefer fresh or frozen berries over berry juices.

3. Cabbage

Besides carrots and berries, cabbage is the third magic food that is believed to be good for diabetes patients. In fact cabbages have more than one health benefit. Do you know that for hundreds of years, Russian peasants survived on nothing else but cabbages? Even though you buy a lot of vegetables and your refrigerator is full of them, I would still recommend that you eat cabbage. Why? Because they contain a low amount of calorie and high amounts of fiber. If you want to lose weight, eating low calorie foods is the way to go! And once you lose weight, your blood sugar levels will also normalize. Red cabbages are believed to be beneficial for diabetes patients, because they are a rich source of Vitamin C. One another thing that will tempt you to eat cabbages is that red cabbages contain natural pigments called anthocyanins, which is believed to boost insulin levels and thereby, lower blood sugar levels.

So the next time you visit the market and buy vegetables, don’t forget to include those three magic foods in your list! If you would like to know more about foods that lower blood sugar level, then [adrotate banner=”16″]