Free 2Checkout Account-Again!!!

If you were my subscriber last year you might remember how I notified my entire list about the free 2checkout account giveaway! Well, history seems to repeat itself and they are offering this freebie all over again, but only until 11:59 PM EST (that is, midnight Eastern Time). You can check the current EST time here!

Click here to get your free 2checkout account!

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IMPORTANT: When signing up, you would be asked to mention the URL of the website you would be processing orders from! Note that "under construction" websites are NOT accepted by 2checkout. If your site is not ready yet, you can still mention the URL of your site in the order form, but make sure to open a support ticket (after you've paid the registration fees) and ask them not to verify your website until it is complete!

Once your site is completed, you should update them of the same so that they could start the verification process. Remember that your account would NOT be activated for sales until your site is verified!

Some of my friends I sent this offer to asked me what they would do with it since they were already using Paypal. Well, Paypal is all good, but what if tomorrow Paypal suspends or limits your account for some reason? I mean, you know nothing of the future, as future is uncertain.

Paypal horror stories are no secret. Of course 2checkout is not clean either: they have their unhappy customers too! But you need to understand that we live in a world which is as much imperfect as we ourselves are! Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to keep 2checkout as a backup payment processor. God forbid, but tomorrow if something bad happens either to your 2checkout or Paypal account, you would continue doing business with the other alternative!  

Plus there are people who won’t be able to pay through Paypal, either because their cards were declined by Paypal or that they already have their cards attached to a "limited" or "suspended" Paypal account! In such cases, having an alternative payment processor would keep the orders coming!

If you have ever purchased any of my stuff you will know that I offer both Paypal and 2checkout as payment options whoever I can! While it is true that most of my orders come from Paypal, there are also people who pay through 2checkout as well!

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Now, who in the world would have thought that 2checkout would be giving away free accounts all over again! But now that you know it is all for real, it is time I make some clarifications regarding this offer (note that I am not an official a 2checkout employee, so please don't quote me on anything I say here)!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long will this offer be available?

As I already mentioned, this offer would be withdrawn after 11:59 PM Eastern Time, as you can read on their blog.

2. I already have an account with 2checkout. Can I sign up for another?

Yes. You can sign up for as many "free" 2checkout accounts as you need now! 2checkout is no different than Clickbank which also allows multiple vendor accounts!  After all, these companies need the cash coming in order to keep themselves going! ;)

3. If I pay by Paypal, would I qualify for this offer?

Yes, I myself ordered a second 2checkout account through Paypal and confirmed from their live chat staff that Paypal payments are eligible for this offer as well.

4. Is this really free?

From what I know, you would first need to pay the $49 account setup fee as usual. However, if you signup within the stipulated timeframe, your money would be refunded within a week from today. If it is not refunded, you should contact support!

5. Can I pay in any currency?

Yes! Unlike the previous offer, there is no restriction on currencies this time around! Payment made in ANY currency is eligible for this free offer!