Free Tools for Your Business

I have "discovered" a few free converters and other tools that can be very helpful for you. I find some of them indispensable for building backlinks, while the others help me with web authoring and other aspects of the internet marketing business. Of course I cannot guarantee they would remain free forever (all good things must come to an end, ya know ;) ) but enjoy them while they are still free! :D

1. FREE CODE Converters:


FREE BBCODE to HTML converter

FREE HTML to Wikicode Converter

FREE HTML to Markdown Code Converter (never mind the PHP errors post conversion; when your scroll down you would get the converted code just fine!)

FREE HTML to Textile Code Converter

FREE HTML to Text Converter

FREE HTML to JavaScript Converter

FREE HTML to JavaScript Converter-Another Tool (I did not use this one, though)

FREE CSV to HTML, PHP, mySQL, XML, JSON, Python, and Ruby Converter (I did not use this one, though)

2. FREE CURRENCY Converters (Helpful if you wish to convert from your local currency to a foreign currency, or the reverse):

XE – Universal Currency Converter
Xrates (‘Easy’ version of the above; I used it before I found XE)

3. FREE Password Strength Checker (remember to test out the strength of your passwords; the stronger your password, the fewer your chances of getting hacked, other things being equal, that is :P )

4. As for checking out the number of backlinks of a competitor’s website, I still prefer Yahoo™ Site Explorer to BacklinksWatch. I think I even mentioned how to use Yahoo Site Explorer in one of my older boring articles!

5. FREE PHP Code Tester (when pasting the php code you must remove the opening and closing PHP tags from your code)

6. FREE Link Scanner: If you want to scan a whole list of links on a page (I have tried it only with static webpages though, so cannot say whether or not it would work with WordPress; it may or may not) to check for bad links, this is a great tool!

7. FREE US to UK English Converter: Why bother with this tool? Well, let us say that you want to build a website targeting the UK audience… :P

8. FREE HTML to PDF Converter

9. SortMyList-Free List Sorter and Duplicate List Cleaner

Here is another free tool: it only removes the duplicates though. ;)

10. Free Tool to Remove Empty Lines from Text: Again SortMyList already offers this function, but it is a good idea to know the alternatives! :)

11. Free Domain Name Extractor Tool

12. Free Domain name Filtering Tool

13. Bulk Pagerank Checker

14. Free URL Extractor. Here is another Free Link Extractor. I have not used either…yet!

15. Free ROBOTS.TXT Creator

16. Free ROBOTS.TXT Tester – Test your robots.txt file for correct syntax

17. Free ROBOTS.TXT Tester 2: In addition to testing your robots.txt file for correct syntax, it also lets you test if a certain user agent would be able to access your site or not (based on your robots.txt file)

18. FREE Empty Lines Remover

19. Free TEXT to HTML Converter

20. Free HTML to TEXT Converter (NOTE: This is a desktop software tool)

21. FREE DOC (Microsoft Word) to HTML Converter

22. Free Touch-typing tutorial (hint: touch typing is usually faster and easier than the ordinary typing method)

So, if I have bored you enough, I hope you won’t mind posting a nice comment. Please click here to post a nice comment, thanks. :D


  1. Spencer

    Thanks for boring me again. These converter tools will come in handy. Thanks again.


  2. The Book of Wealth

    Thanks for the info. There are at least a couple of these that I can use right away!

    Keep those ‘boring’ tips coming.

    The Book of Wealth

  3. Paul

    What and how do I use a BB Converter. And more importantly how do I use it to further build my own backlinks.

    1. Arindam


      I can tell you how I use it. Usually I create my backlinks in HTML, and most forums don’t accept HTML, only BBCODE. So I use that tool to convert my HTML code into BBCODE in one click. So if you are doing forum marketing then this tool will come handy. ;)

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  5. Dungeoneering Riddles

    Thanks Ari, these free converters work great(the ones I just tried)! It gets confusing when trying to figure out the best code to use for the forum or blog you are trying to post at. These free converters will make it easy to change my links quickly!

    Mimi Anka the runescape dungeoneering riddles chick!

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