Get NEW and AVAILABLE Domains For Free!

Here is a cool FREE tool that you could use to generate keyword-rich domains names on the fly. And yes, they are all available for registration!

You might be familiar with the Fake Name Generator site:

On the surface, the site generates complete "fake" profiles based on any gender, country or descent you want! So whether you want a fake profile for a Hispanic woman who hardly ever existed on earth, or a "make-believe" credit card number, the site is for you!  Fake names, postal addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, UPS tracking numbers, email addressees, domains, you name it…the site has it all!

Since I use pen names for all my non-IM niches, I personally use this site for creating pen names as well as "authentic" profiles for these pen names. I should credit this site for creating a female pen name for me which I used for my Christmas site.

Why female? Coz I have found that people usually tend to trust females more than males; of course for 'male-oriented' niches such as golf, you will HAVE to use a masculine nickname to be taken seriously, lol!

Back to what I was discussing…

Note that I don’t use the 'default' profiles generated by the tool; maybe no harm would come upon me even if I do, but why take the risk? I prefer to be on the safe side! So, I would combine one profile with another, by adding the first name of one profile with that of another. Making sure that both profiles fall under the same group, or the combination would look weird; for example, an American first name with a Chinese last name…well, u get the idea! ;)

Similarly, I would take the postal address of a different profile, and phone number of yet another, so that no one could even have the slightest suspicion that the profile has been generated from that tool! Now don’t ask me why I have those kinds of suspicions; I myself don’t know it, lol! 

Okay, so here is the first fake profile I generated from This is a "fake" profile of an American male residing in USA (click on the image to get a larger view of the screenshot):

Next I refresh the page again, and there comes a new profile (click on the image to get a larger view of the screenshot):

Now that I have two new "fake" profiles at hand, I would add Howard's first name with Michael's last name, then add Michael's postal address and Howard's phone number to it. Obviously, fake credit card numbers and UPS tracking number are neither required nor useful, so we would skip them.

But wait; here is a third profile, this one being that of an American based in UK (click on the image to get a larger view of the screenshot):

Since we took so much from the other two "poor guys", why not take at least this person's date of birth and mother's maiden name for the sake of completing the profile?

So, here is the complete output:

Name: Howard Diep

Address: 4952 Norma Avenue
Apple Springs, TX 75926

Phone: 215-612-5215

Date of Birth: April 16, 1977

Mother's Maiden name:  Rodriquez

[Apologies for any typos, if any]

That is basically what most ordinary sites would ask for, including email, website URL, etc., which I am sure you could give.

Notice also the areas marked with red circle in all the above screenshots; I would tell you about that later!

TIP: In my personal opinion, this service is best used for hiding your private information from every Tom, Dick and Harry who you might not trust! It is also handy for creating quick profiles for the various pen names you might be using for different niches, coz a name is useless without an "authentic" profile attached to it! 

WARNING: There are companies which may prosecute you for providing "fake" registration information to them; then there are also sites where you would have to provide correct information in your own interest (for example, if you don't want to miss out on your regular checks, it won't be a good idea to provide a fake address when signing up with Clickbank)! So please use your commonsense when using this site!

Also, if you feel that your site is on a niche which could get huge media attention in future, or if you wish to identify yourself with that niche site, or if you want to make it your primary business (rather than 'just another income stream'), then you may want to use your real name instead of a "fake" one.

I usually use these "fake" profiles for signing up with article directories, forums (usually those in non-IM niches which I would hardly visit except for "selfish reasons"), and blogs (for the purpose of commenting).

With that being said, whatever I told you so far is not actually the point of this article, but is necessary to make you acquainted with the site, in case you aren't already!

You might have noticed that in all the three screenshots above I have marked the one and only thing with red circle: the DOMAIN NAMES! The three domain names you noticed in those three profiles are all unique and available for registration (at this time of writing); I can say this because I have tested several FNG-generated domain names with Namecheap and NONE of them were "taken"!

Here is the Namecheap screenshot as "proof" (click on the image to get a larger view of the screenshot):

If these domains don’t interest you, don’t worry! I have just scratched the tip of the iceberg! Once you generate a "fake" profile, you simply keep refreshing that page over and over again (even WITHOUT making any changes) and you will get brand new, keyword generated domain names each time, some of which may be relevant to a niche you are currently working on!

Heck, I not only got one each on finance and frugality but also a one which gave me a new niche idea! Or, if you have lots of free time available, you may even keep refining the search options by descent and/or country of residence to get even more domain names!

But BEWARE: The site is extremely addictive, seriously! I spent almost 10 minutes refreshing that page non-stop and got six good domain names, three of which I registered! I literally had to force myself out of it with great difficulty.

Had I Been a Smart Domainer
Or Even a Shrewd Domain Squatter
Millionairedom Would Have Been a Piece of Cake!
But Since I am Neither,
I'd Be Happy with the Little Money My Niche Sites Make!

I would suggest that you do yourself a favor by loading the "fake" profile into Roboform (a great password-manager I myself use) and use it to fill up the signup forms. Life in itself is a pain enough, so why make it even more painful? You would probably have to fill up countless numbers of online forms in your life, and Robform makes it pretty easy!

I wish I had found this site long time ago. I have been in and out of several free and paid domain name generators, most of which hardly generate 'sexy' and appealing domain names like the FNG site!

And no, that is neither my site (I wish it were mine) nor I am getting paid to write this!

Go and enjoy FNG but DON'T get addicted to it! I also trust that you will use this service honestly and legally!  :)

UPDATE: Here is a related video I found on Youtube the other day. Besides FakeNameGenerator, it also mentions another site from where you can gather "fake" data. I have not tried the "other site" yet but just in case you want to, here is the video:


Here is wishing you a prosperous and happy 2009!

As always, your comments are most welcome, and you may post them below! Remember that once you post three comments on my blog, you get a "do-follow" backlink! :D


  1. Michael Searles

    G’day Arindam
    I am a new name on your subscriber list and I just received my first newsletter from you. WOW!
    If this is the standard I can expect to get from you then I plan on staying with you.
    Your newsletter content is amazing – and FREE! – thank you.
    The two tips you give in this issue are super powerful and full of potential for converting my time online into cash.
    Because the overall content of your emailed newsletter is different from all the run-of-the-mill stuff that clogs my inbox every day I will be looking out for my next issue.
    Keep this standard up, please!
    Aussie Mike

  2. Chelle@Blogging Soup

    I don’t know if I like the idea of using fake names…sure there are times when privacy is important…but there are also times when being a “fake” could be devastating also. What if a site you created suddenly gained national media attention and somebody wants to contact you for a book deal? (Okay, probably not likely if you’re just creating niche sites…but still something to consider!)

    1. Arindam

      Hi Chelle,

      Well many authors write their books using pen names too ;)

      Online of course I can give you many examples: for example, Eben Pagan markets his dating site under the “fake” name of David De Angelo; I’m not sure if he uses fake addresses too ;)

      But your comment applies to using fake addresses, phone numbers and all that. It could get one in trouble as I mentioned in the article. There are places where you can use “fake” info and then there are places you cannot; it is a matter of exercising discretion ;)

      As for receiving a “book deal”, I would say it is a “far-fetched dream” for the owner of “small niche sites”, but nonetheless it IS a possibility if your site discusses something unusual or controversial.

      I know one thing myself: if anyone asks me to write a book, I would decline it if is anything other than fiction :D


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