Glycolic Acid For Acne Scar Removal: The Awful Truth Revealed!

Acne scars are something that you would work you butt off in order to get rid of, yet those obstinate scars would refuse to go! I may be exaggerating a bit but the fact remains that acne blemishes are one of things that is very hard to get rid of! Sure, there are scores of treatments to enable you to hide your scar for a temporary period, and they are not cheap either, but the scars stay hidden only for a short while and come back, unless you continue the treatment at regular intervals.

One thing that comes to mind is the chemical peeling method of removing acne blemishes. Many people opt for this acne scar removal option because it is cheap and even though the results are temporary, the treatment is more or less painless. Most people can afford this treatment, unlike laser surgery which costs thousands! Glycolic acid is one of the components that are often used during chemical peeling process. In this article I will talk exclusively about this acid!

You may or may not know it, but glycolic acid can easily help you get rid of acne blackheads if the scars are superficial and not very deep. This is how it works: it breaks in through the scar tissue, and then exfoliates it. This in turn gives the younger and healthier skin tissues lying underneath the scar tissue a chance to grow; when these younger skin tissues take the place of the older scarry tissue, you gain that youthful, healthy, supple skin that you once had! This is one of the reasons why this acid is an active element in many of today’s anti-aging and skin care products!

Different products contain different amounts of glycolic acid, ranging from 5% to 45%. Note that if you have never used this acid in the past, then you may experience burning sensation the first few times you apply it; this is why it is advisable to choose an acne product with a very low concentration of this acid; you can then up the ante as your skin gets used to the treatment. If your skin is extremely sensitive then it could sting even with the lowest concentrations of glycolic acid, in which case you should STOP its usage immediately otherwise your acne blackheads would get worse!

Glycolic acid is no doubt, great for treating superficial acne blemishes, and so is salicylic acid; this acid is not just for acne whiteheads: you can get rid of any kind of superficial scars with its help: heck, one can even hide their wrinkles with its regular usage! However, if your scars are very deep and you want a permanent solution then this is not for you; instead you should try out the laser resurfacing treatment!