Goodbye Acne – Top 10 Secrets to Treating Acne Successfully – Part 2

Continued from: Part 1

e) In case you don’t know, acne breakout occurs when your skin’s sebaceous glands produces an excessive amount of oil, which in turn clogs your skin pores and prevents the skin from getting rid of the dirt and dead skin cells, which in turn cause acne. Thus, it only makes sense that you avoid oil-based cosmetic products so as not to further worsen your condition. Whether or not you have oily skin or suffer from acne, water-based cosmetic products are widely recommended as the best option for a maintaining healthy skin.

f) Use the right hair accessories to keep your hair away from your face/skin. Doing so will minimize the occurrence of any acne outbreak and will also make it easier for you to treat them.

g) Leading a healthy lifestyle is tantamount to keeping acne away from you forever, and part of the deal is that you need to workout regularly, if not at the gm then at least at home. Exercises and workouts not only help you sweat out your toxins, they also make you feel better. Don’t forget to take a light shower after the workout so that all the sweat don’t stick on to your skin; if it does then you may indeed have an acne outbreak in spite of all the hard work you did!

Speaking of healthy lifestyle, following a balanced, healthy diet is as important as exercising regularly. If your regular diet consists of oily and fatty foods only then you cannot blame anyone but you for your condition. Your diet should rather consist of leafy vegetables, natural fruits, whole grains, as well as plenty of water (at least eight glasses per day) intake. Processed fruit juices, carbonated drinks, sugar and any product containing sugar, etc., should be avoided. If you cannot avoid them completely, at least try to minimize their intake as much as possible.

h) Take medications if necessary in order to minimize the pain of acne. Azelaic Acid is a very good choice in this case, as is benzoyl peroxide. Of course there are other types of treatments available for acne too such as tetinoids and antibiotics but these should be taken only after a thorough consultation with a qualified dermatologist. As with any treatment, don’t expect overnight miracles; at the very least, it would take a few months before the results start to appear.

i) Don’t look at the mirror often. Looking at the mirror too often (that is, more than once a week) will only fill your mind with more despair and hopelessness. When you realize that your medications are not offering you the kind of quick miracles that you had hoped for, you will sink into a new low each day you look at your pimple-ridden face in the mirror. If you think that your self esteem has hit the lowest then you need to talk to a psychiatrist about this. Otherwise, stick to following a healthy diet and workout regimen as I have described above, make the trip to medicine shops when necessary and don’t forget to keep in touch with a dermatologist!

Above all, don’t lose heart; remember that acne is not a permanent condition that you have to live with for the rest of your life. It is not a curse; it is temporary and it can be cured. You can get it treated, but you need to have patience too at the same time. For more information, [adrotate banner=”3″]