How To Use The Viral Power To Increase Sales And Traffic

If you are an experienced internet marketer, you will know that the competition in the online marketing world is quite fierce and so in order to survive in this cut-throat competition, you need to learn certain marketing skills as well as learn how to use and exploit them.

Even if you have a very good product, a good-looking website and profit-pulling sales copy, your product isn’t going to sell if there is not sufficient traffic to your site. Think about it, if people don’t even know the existence of your site how do you expect to make any sale at all?

Viral marketing or Viral advertising is putting your product in front to of others to see. The aim of the product owner is to reach as many people as possible within a very short time. The medium is used in diverse ways-sometimes the product is promoted directly by the owner and sometimes in other deceptive ways like indirectly promoting it through high traffic websites, teasers,etc.

In other instances, you can also get affiliates and subscribers promote your product for you and spread the word far and wide among their relatives and friends and friends’ friends and so on. Now you can see the kind of exposure that your product will get through ‘word of mouth’ publicity or Viral marketing. You can also launch free giveaways and get exposure for your products that way too. People love freebies and when you give away something they will join your free membership site. Now suppose you have a paid upgrade inside the members’ area. Your freebie-seekers(that is what I call them) may not upgrade their account but when they will see that they will get paid over and over again every time someone upgrades their membership through their unique referral link they will be more than willing to promote your site, which is sure to get your site a lot of traffic and exposure.

Viral marketing is a very effective(and perhaps the most overused)method of advertising available online today because of its low cost and ease of use. It is because of Viral marketing that the spam mail got started. An effective viral marketing campaign includes motivation to drive as many people as possible to a particular site or product.

The one major benefit of the ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising is that with this approach, your product normally gets a better response since the sender’s name is recognized as somebody whom they can trust, and thus your mails don’t end up in their junk or trash folder. Sometimes you can increase the quality of viral response by giving your subscribers, affiliates and JV partners incentives such as discounts, freebies,in return for spreading the word of mouth about your site to others,etc. The incentive depends totally to the nature of the product you are promoting.

Viral marketing is an advertising method is quite effective. There is hardly any company today that doesn’t know or use the power of Viral marketing, along with other forms of advertising like SEO optimization end PPC campaign like Google Adwords. Viral marketing will not only increase your product sales but also increase your Alexa and Google page rank. Really the idea of having somebody to promote your site as their own expense is awesome, isn’t it? For more information on viral marketing, [adrotate banner=”37″]