I Lost An Opportunity! Help!!!

Are you someone who seeks and runs after every given opportunity? Do you find yourself among a backlog of workload that you do not have time to finish simply because you can never stop yourself from being an opportunity seeker? Well you are not the only one of a kind! Everyday in the Warrior Forum, I see posts about encouragement and success, and side by side, I also see posts about failures and frustration. The amazing thing is that the solutions for the failed and frustrated marketers often lie in the posts they make; just that they don't see it, or don't want to see it. I just figured that if any of my NuttieViralizer subscribers are suffering from the same problem, today's newsletter would encourage them to look beyond opportunities, if nothing more.

The 3 Surefire Ways to Save Yourself From IM Jungle

1. Hate Yourself, Not the Seller: A lot of people believe that since they are sold crap *by* a seller, it is the seller who is at fault. True, the seller is surely guilty of selling crap, but then again, your fault is even greater than theirs. For it was YOU who pulled out the credit card during checkout and paid for the crap. The seller didn't force you to pay; he cannot. You might say that you were so much fascinated by the sales copy that you were totally blown away by the offer. I don't believe any IMer would be so stupid as to be blown away by copywriting tricks, unless you are totally gullible and novice, or have lost your commonsense as well as ability to think and act for yourself. It is like saying that you were so enamored by the beauty of the girl that you failed to see her negative traits. ;)

Please, please use some commonsense when purchasing anything. Do not be one among the herd. Don't just purchase any and every stuff that comes out there. Don't jump on any bandwagon just because your 'friends' are in it. If the seller happens to be a stranger or if you have even the slightest doubt about a product then don't be shy about asking the Warriors.

Case in point: Google Payload. Unless you have been under a rock, you know how many big names promoted it. But I didn't purchase it based on the hype. I went to the Warrior Forum's review section, checked what others are saying and judging by the amount of negative reviews posted by the actual buyers of the product, I decided to pass up the offer. Others might disagree with me, but I am the kind of guy who don't want to throw my money down the drain :) Also remember to look beyond the first few posts in a review thread, because chances are that they are 'positive reviews' left by the promoters of the product. Also try to check the 'history' of the product creator; in this case, Alex Goad is also the author/publisher of the infamous Project Black Mask.

As you can see, I am NOT inserting a single affiliate link here, because I am not promoting these products. By all means, you can find tons of 'conscienceless gurus' who would send you dozens of bonuses and rebates just for purchasing the product from their affiliate links.

Remember that it is always easy to blame the seller and hide your own faults. Instead of putting the unequivocal blame on the seller, can you please blame yourself for not having done your due diligence? Before checking at a dentist's clinic, don't you verify all his credentials before you actually pay him any money? Then why should it be any different online? Why should you accept everything at face value?

2. 'Lost' Opportunity isn't Actually Lost: Lots of marketers will tell you that an opportunity like XXX comes only once in a while. I disagree. I have seen many similar opportunities cropping up multiple times during my IM career. Even the 'never-to-be-repeated' opportunities got repeated again, which is when I figured out that it is all hype and nothing else. If you miss a product launch today, don't fret about it! Be glad that you got a chance to read product reviews from actual buyers (instead of affiliate reviews) and then make an informed decision about whether to spend money on it or not.

3. A Tool is Only As Good As the User: Ultimately, all tools and strategies in the market won't replace the YOU within yourself. You are the one who would actually be using the tool, and the way you use it will determine your success. If you think outside of the box, chances are that your success rate will be greater than if you just follow a blueprint to the letter. Further, if you take no action at all, then every tool, every strategy and every secret you have got/learnt about is useless. Then there would be no difference between you and someone who has not got these tools, strategies or secrets.

That is why YOU need to make the decision as to how to best use a tool or strategy. A tool will save you time, a strategy will guide you towards your goal, but ultimately, YOU are the creator of your own fate; you are the one who is responsible for the way your business runs.

Here is how to go about it (the plain old way)-create a long-term as well as several short-term (or immediate) goals for yourself. Then visualize how you will reach the long-term goal through the short-term goals. This vision will serve as your ultimate guide. After that, for every item you purchase, you should ask yourself just ONE question:

"Will it help me reach my immediate goal of xxx?"

If the answer is 'no', then STOP! If you purchase that item you will be wasting your money because chances are that you are purchasing it to 'use later' and make no mistake, that 'later' time will NEVER come.

I hope this article helps you look beyond 'lost opportunities' and over-hyped sales pages. If you have been floundering into the internet marketing jungle without any respite, then this article will certainly go a long way in helping you find your way out!

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