Namecheap Coupon Codes for August 2009

Domain Registration Coupon:

If you want to register new domains in August 2009 from Namecheap, here is the coupon code you should use: solarsea. With this code, you will be able to register domains for as little as $8.81 (instead of the regular 9.69)!

NOTE: Per my knowledge, this coupon code would work for all major TLD registrations except a few such as .INFO., .ME, etc.

The domain renewal coupons of Namecheap are available only to their high-volume customers.If you have more than 50 domains registered with Namecheap, you can request a domain renewal coupon code by contacting their support. It would not only save you money on domain renewals but also Whoisguard renewals, just in case you use it!

VPS Servers Coupon:

If you want to buy new VPS servers from Namecheap, you can use the following coupon code: USE4VPS. This would give you 10% off on the regular price of any VPS plans of Namecheap. Please contact directly for more details!

Disclaimer: The owner of this blog accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the authenticity of the above information. is not affiliated with Readers should contact Namecheap directly in case they need further clarification!


  1. Tim Woodard

    Hi Arindam,

    I think it’s great that you always send your subscribers coupon codes. I also, appreciate all the free advice you offer us!
    Keep up the great work ;-)

    Tim Woodard

  2. Emma

    Thanks Arindam – perfect timing! I’m just launching another website and needed to buy a domain name. Next, I’m going to use Angela’s links to see just where I can get it in the SERPS. A bit of an experiment, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  3. Russ

    I sort of use NameCheap and GoDaddy, but I think I am liking the domain privacy wtih NameCheap. Is that promotion still available ?

    1. Arindam


      I think YES. But there is an easier way to check it: try registering a domain with Namecheap. If the free whoisguard is available it would be added in the shopping cart automatically! ;)

      Godaddy, if you are happy with them then fine. But godady is notorious for locking domains even if they get just one or two spam complaints from your domain (which is quite normal really). Personally I have not used them but I know this is the reason why a lot of Godaddy customers have shifted to Namecheap and other registrars!

  4. Michelle Greer


    Thanks for posting our coupon code and helping spread the word about NameCheap. I am their Social Media Manager.

    I’d just like to mention to Russ that yes, the free WhoIsGuard is still available. Just make sure you activate it on your domains. It’s pretty easy, but I put together directions here:

    1. Arindam

      Thanks Michelle for dropping by my blog! :)