Paid Surveys – Do They Really Work

As humans, it has always been our dream to earn “easy money”. The concept of earning “easy money” has caught the newbie home business owners too. They think that making money online is easy and free. And feeding those dreams is a host of paid survey programs that have popped over the years, promising to make you rich. While you can join most of the paid survey sites for free, some sites are now charging money in order to get access to their list of ‘optimized survey sites’ which they claim, pay the highest amount of money to the client. But have you ever stopped to think whether they are really making you any money or just wasting your time? In this article we will discuss whether paid surveys are an effective means of generating a decent income online.

First off, who are these people who flock to paid survey sites? They are new internet marketers who have a limited online experience. These people have in them what it takes to make more money by joining affiliate programs. But instead of making money as an affiliate (which they think too difficult for them to do), they search for an easy way to earn a fast buck. Paid survey sites promise just that, and so they flock to them. This is a wrong idea. Paid survey sites will actually make you little or no money. So after you have finished doing paid surveys or purchasing a paid survey list, you are back to where you have been, minus your wasted energy and time.

Actually, paid surveys cost the clients money instead of generating positive income for them. Paid surveys are a marketing tool used by large companies and obviously there is some kind of deception involved. Let’s look the reasons why a company offers you money for taking a survey.

Companies use paid surveys as a way of doing market research. Through paid surveys, companies know about the personal interests and desires of potential or future customers. This useful data helps them optimize their products to the market demand and target their customers more effectively.

More often than not, companies would offer you samples of their product instead of cash for doing a survey. Why they do that? Because if you sample one of their products and like it very much then you are likely to buy more of it. Actually this is a pretty aggressive marketing technique and to understand it we need to look at the average payout of a paid survey client.

Paid surveys will compensate you with the least amount of cost to the company. For the company, it is much more profitable to offer you a sample of their products than to pay you. Even when they do pay you, they make it much more attractive for you to receive their product samples instead!

For example, in a paid survey, if you take a twenty minute survey, you are likely to receive 20-25 pints on that. What are these points? Well, you can redeem them for cash or use them to buy the company’s products at a discount. Actually, the average payout for a twenty minute survey is not more than a dollar or two. Not only is that below the minimum wage rate set by the government; when it is time for you to “cash in” on these points, they are more likely to give you something of $30 value rather than paying you in cash. Why? This is a powerful marketing approach. Because after wasting your time in paid surveys, you would be more satisfied to receive something of $30 value rather than a couple of bucks.

Now you know that paid surveys are not really a way to earn a decent income. Now you might be thinking, is there any alternative way to making money online? Definitely! There are a lot of legitimate business opportunities where you can make from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per day! For more details on lucrative home business opportunities, and to learn how can you can start earning money from home the easy way, [adrotate banner=”37″]