President Obama to Shut Down the Internet!

Steve Wagenheim is one guy who has got my respect. It is true that I don’t always agree with everything he says, it is also true that he is hated by many people in the internet marketing circle, but he is a REAL guy who says things exactly as it is, without any hype. So when he says something serious like this it is time to take notice.

Back to topic. Today I read on Steve’s blog that if US President Obama has his way, he is going to wreck havoc – this time again on the netizens (his previous attempt, if I recall correctly, has been the Amazon™ Tax fiasco), or more specifically, internet marketers! He is "proposing a bill that will allow him to shut down the Internet should it be under attack. That means that YOUR business will be shut down with it. This is YOUR livelihood and YOUR welfare at risk here." You can get even more information on it from this older article.

Here is some more information on this:

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Considering that the President had made several such ridiculous decisions in the past, this new proposition is nothing surprising. However it is surely shocking he is doing such things at a time when people are losing jobs everyday and the internet is becoming their only means of livelihood.

Unfortunately, only Americans have the power to veto it. If you are a US citizen I suggest you read the full article at Steve’s blog and take the actions he suggests! Here is what he suggests in brief:

"Contact your representatives. To find out who your representatives are, go to this site: and enter your zip code. Then contact each senator and congressman for your state."

I also suggest that you re-tweet this post and let all your American friends know about this! Don’t wait until it is too late!