Salt as An Acne Scar Remedy: The Absolute Truth Revealed!

Almost 70% of our earth is covered with water, of which almost 98% is salt water (sea, oceans, etc.) It is ironical that while people all over the world spend billions on acne scar treatments, nature offers us this remedy for free and in abundance!

Salt has been traditionally used to treat acne scars. Mind you, I am not talking about the table salt we eat; the table salt is rather a processed salt which goes through many processing cycles before it is made available on our table, and during those cycles, it loses much of its natural strength. Nope, I am talking about ‘mined salt’!

What is a ‘mined salt’? Well it is the raw, natural salt found in sea, so f you live near the sea, you have got a free acne scar remedy at hand; if not, then you would want to buy it from your local market. Good news is that mined salt is usually cheaper than table salt (at least it is in where I live)! If you have not ever purchased mined salt, ask for the Himalayan Pink salt; sure, any kind of mined salt should do well, but this is one of the most well-known varieties available!

So how to apply the treatment? Pretty simple really! First you need a bowl of warm (lukewarm) water and pour the salt into it. Why warm water? Because it offers three major advantages over cold water: it helps the salt dissolve properly into the solution; it makes your skin more receptive to the concoction by opening up the pores of your skin – thus helping your skin absorb more of the essential nutrients present in the salt water solution you have prepared; last but not the least, when you message your face using warm water, it feels much more better than with cold water – don’t you think so? Oh, you would also need a clean cotton pad (or ball) – obviously, you would soak the cotton ball into the solution and then message it gently on to the affected area!

How much salt should you add to the water? That is really a tricky question! You would want to start by adding 2-3 teaspoonfuls of salt into water and test it out: if the stinging effect you get from the touch of the solution on your skin is too much (in other words, if your skin irritates a lot) then probably you have added too much of salt and would therefore want to lessen the strength of the concoction by diluting it a bit with some more warm water. On the other hand, if you don’t feel any good effects after the message, then probably the amount of salt you have added is not enough and then you would want to add some more salt into the solution!

Like with any natural remedy, you must not expect any kind of miracle cure. Do this message at least 2-3 times per day and you would certainly notice a little difference in the appearance of the scars within a week or two; however, in order for the scars to get healed completely, it may take you several months or even a whole year (depending on how old the scar is). The point I want to make is that – with this (and in fact, ANY) natural treatment, the trick is to keep going and have confidence in yourself. Don’t give it up even if you don’t notice any immediate result!

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