Seduce Women Instantly: Secrets Of Attracting And Seducing Single Women! – Part I

Do you know that your eyes are your most powerful assets when it comes to dating? Yes, I am talking about your eyes, which otherwise look very ordinary, but when it comes to dating, your eyes play a crucial role in seducing sexy women. Want to know how? In this article I will tell you how to use your eyes to attract and seduce single women instantly.

Women like guys who give them their full attention. When you have a conversation with a woman, try to look into here eyes whenever you speak. Your message will come across to her as something personal which she cannot ignore. Looking into the eyes also signifies that you are interested in the woman because you find her thoughts attractive. Don’t just look into her eyes and turn away! It indicates that you are bored with her and that will take you nowhere and you won’t be successful in seducing the woman. Instead, gaze at her for a long time , at least a little longer than usual.

The way you use your eyes can make or break your relationship. For example, let’s say that you met an attractive single woman at a party. The first thing is, as you know is to start gazing at her. Don’t try to avoid any eye contact with her. Even if you don’t want to look into her eyes because of your shyness, she will interpret that you don’t find her attractive enough to look at. However, as a general rule of thumb, too much of anything is bad. If you look at a woman longer than a few seconds, you may be irritating her. Unless she has given you positive signals like reciprocating by looking back into your eyes, or smiling at you, etc., you should never look into her eyes longer than just a few seconds. Also, you should use your eyes very carefully as a wrong move can urn off the woman. For example if you roll your eyes while looking at her, she will think that you are angry with her. On the other hand, I you frown while looking at her, she will think that you are suspicious of her and don’t trust her completely.

As you can see, eyes are the mirrors of your heart and soul and can tell a lot about you. Your success in a relationship largely depends on how skillfully your use those precious set of tools to your advantage.

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