Seduce Women Instantly: Secrets Of Attracting And Seducing Single Women! – Part II

I am surprised that guys who aim to pick up sexually attractive chicks always go the hard way, even though there is an easier way to get them attracted to you! What is that? Simply wear high-perfumed cologne! Want to know how colognes will help you? When you are trying to seduce a woman for the first time, you not only need to feel good, you also need to smell good as well. Women are easily attracted to good-smelling guys. In fact, colognes work like aphrodisiacs when you meet a woman. So, if you are desperate to attract a woman and still finding no way out, you must wear good-smelling cologne and see what effect it has on her.

Colognes that smell like flowers are more attractive to women than others. You don’t need to purchase high-end cologne to attract women. Simple, sweet smelling cologne will have an overwhelming effect on women. You can even experiment with different colognes if you want to. Then when you find a winner, just stick with it.

I know, I know, you are very eager to know which types of colognes are best for attracting sexy single women. Well, while different colognes work for different people, there are a few proven colognes that researchers have found to work very effectively in seducing women. Some of these ‘proven’ colognes are : Claiborne Sport by Liz Claiborne, Tommy by Hilfiger, Gucci Nobile, and Safari for Men by Ralph Lauren, although there are undoubtedly hundreds or even thousands of cologne brands you can choose from. I would suggest that you use a different cologne each day and see which one works for you. Personally, I have had good success with Safari, although I am no genius in choosing the best cologne.

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