Tips To Seduce Women: The Surefire Way To Approach Single Women! – Part I

So you think that you have done your best and still haven’t got the woman you desire? Perhaps you have been a nice guy to her, obeyed all her commands to the letter, took her to exotic dinners, etc. What is it then that went wrong? In this article I will give you tips to seduce single woman in an effective way, and also the single and biggest mistakes that guys do while seducing a woman. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will become an expert in seducing beautiful women.

Before seducing a woman, you need to understand a bit about her seduction powers. A woman is not born with seduction powers, but as she grows into adulthood she generally learns how to seduce men effectively. And her seduction powers are nothing new. They are as old as man’s civilization. Did you know how women used to survive in ancient times? They didn’t know how to hunt, so what they used to do is to seduce men in order got food and protection from them. In modern times her seduction powers have become a bit more subtle. A woman acquires her seduction powers at an early age, when she is merely a child. For example, when she is little girl, she learns how to ‘seduce’ her father in order to get whatever she wants from him.

When the women step into adulthood, they use their seduction powers to attract and get the attention of men. In this case, seduction mostly translates to sexuality. However, a woman needn’t even give a promise of sex in order to seduce a man. She just gives just ‘signals’- that is, she throws in some subtle suggestions that hint that she is sexually interested in the man. This way she manipulates men. Actually, these women grew up around men who were very much vulnerable to female attention. They learnt at an early stage that while money is important for man in order to get whatever he wants, for a woman it’s her power to seduce men that helps her get whatever she wants.

Do you know why I am telling all these to you? Simply to tell you that a single woman knows that she has the power to seduce men. In fact this is the reason why she is aroused whenever she gets an opportunity to affirm that power. So, in order to seduce her, you should stop being a nice guy. Remember that ‘nice guys’ finish last. You should not make yourself easily available to your woman. Women love challenges, and if you are not making yourself hard to get, women will get bored with you. When she seduces a man who is not very nice to her she regards it as her prize catch. This way, the man gets more respect and attention from her. So next time you go to date a woman, don’t make yourself easily available to her!

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