Tips To Seduce Women: The Surefire Way To Approach Single Women! – Part II

Are you new to the dating game and need some tips to get started? In this article I will give you four tips to help you find and attract whatever woman you want.

1. Become aggressive and assertive: When approaching a woman, be aggressive, courageous and assert your power and confidence to her. If you hesitate you will lose the game! If you are serious about love-making, you need to pursue your woman with aggressiveness. I don’t mean to say that you become a stalker and harass her over phone or in public places. That is a big NO. I am just saying that you should have a definitive and aggressive action plan to start, and you should pursue it until and unless you are decisively rejected by the woman.

2. Take a part-time job somewhere where you can meet single and beautiful women. You may not need to do a job, but do it for the sake of finding attractive women! I have a friend who has a rewarding online business but it was not until he took up a job at a local sales store that he was able to build relationships with women. Wondering what kind of job you should take up? Well, it can be a part-time job, and you can do it whenever you have spare time – for example, in weekends, at nights etc. Departmental store jobs are ideal for meeting a lot of sexually attractive single women. If you cannot find a suitable job in a departmental store then take up a job of a receptionist in your local restaurant or a café. The job of a receptionist will help you meet lots of women and if you can use your position effectively, you will soon find yourself surrounded with beautiful women!

3. Once you find your woman, be a little sensitive and understanding to her. There are a lot of women in this world who are either dissatisfied with their lives or are sexually frustrated, and this includes married women as well. They are just waiting for an opportunity to surrender themselves to the first man who is sensitive, understanding and sympathetic to them. Let you be the first man to grab that opportunity!

4. Self-confidence is the key to success in a dating game. Don’t ever let thoughts like ‘she is not for me’, ‘she won’t go out on a date with me’, ‘I would never be able to find a date’, etc. cross your mind. These are self-discouraging thoughts that will lead you nowhere. Instead, fill up your mind with positive thoughts and build up self-confidence. Instead of saying ‘I cannot do it’, say ‘I can do it’. Also women like men who display oodles of self-confidence.

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