Top 2 Natural Treatment For Fast Acne Scar Removal!

Acne is no doubt a terrible and miserable condition to have. If you ever had the misfortune of suffering an acne attack then you know how painful it can be; I am also sure that you are more bothered by the ugly scars left all over your body after the original pimples and blackheads have been healed, rather than the acne itself! I mean, it is only natural: the scars are so ugly then they ruin your entire look! If your job demands that you look good all the time, then acne scars can actually cost you your job! Slowly, you start losing your self-confidence and become embarrassed to come in touch with and meet other people! That is why it is important that you try to get rid of these scars as soon as possible, and that is exactly what I am going to discuss in this article!

It is a known fact that if you have a lot of acne scars, then that means your blood is full of toxins; it is these toxins that increase the instances of scars when they reach the skin tissues! Therefore, it is important that you follow a proper diet and lifestyle: making sure that you are eating plenty of natural fruits and vegetables, and minimizing your stress level by getting proper rest at night!

There are two types of treatments available for acne scar removal: the medical treatment and the natural treatment; the former offers you faster results than the latter, but most people are unanimous in their opinion that natural treatment is the way to go when it comes to acne scar treatment! The reasons behind their argument are many; first of all, unlike medical treatment, natural treatment is so inexpensive than even a poor man can afford it; secondly, natural treatment comes with no side effects, unlike medical treatment; third, there is no recovery period involved with natural treatments, unlike with acne-related surgeries; forth, natural remedies can be applied in your spare time – in the comfort zone and privacy of your home; fifth, and most importantly, the results achieved from natural treatments are usually permanent because these treatments not only nourish the skin and help in the regeneration of healthy skin tissues but also purify the body – in sharp contrast, most medical treatments offer you only temporary results!

There are so many natural treatments available for acne scar treatment that if I list them all here meticulously, then this article would turn into a huge tome! Nonetheless, I would talk about two of my favorite natural treatments for acne scar removal.

Treatment #1: You will need: powered oatmeal powder, orange, and ripe papaya. Cut the orange into half, and make juice by squeezing one of the halves of the orange; using a sharp knife or fork, gently mash the ripe papaya to form a pulp. Next, add the orange juice to the mashed papaya and blended it well! Next, add the oatmeal powder to the mix and continue blending! If you find the mixture has gotten too thick then dilute it a bit by adding some more orange juice. Put on the facemask and keep it for at least 20-30 minutes, after which you can wash your face with water!

Treatment #2: Mix lemon juice, honey and natural yogurt (the sour, original variety). Apply the mixture on your face at bedtime. Leave it overnight and wash your face in the morning with lukewarm water!

There are many more acne scar removal remedies used widely! For more information, [adrotate banner=”3″]