Top 3 Ways to Avoid Bloating

Avoid Stress: Believe it or not, stress is one of the main factors behind irritable bowel syndrome. When you are stressed out, the stomach receives certain signals from your brain which triggers indigestion and bloating. Different people react quite differently when it comes to food: some people would eat pound after pound in order to battle stress, while others would be unable to eat even a morsel of food!

At the same time, thanks to the highly cut-throat and competitive world we live in, stress is simply unavoidable, unless we live under a rock. That said, you can certainly minimize your stress level! Walking, yoga, light exercises such as jogging, getting eight hours of sleep at night, etc., are some of the ways you can reduce your stress level. In addition, if possible, try to avoid doing anything that is making you stressful!

Avoid Foods that Trigger Food Allergy or Intolerance: If you are allergic to certain types of foods, it is best to avoid them totally. It is not easy to make a comprehensive list of foods that can trigger food allergy, because different people are allergic to different substances.

It is also important that you avoid foods and drinks that your stomach may not be able to tolerate well. Milk is certainly a no-no (it can trigger lactose-intolerance), and so is wine (due to the addition of sulfites in the wine in order to prevent its further fermentation; this additive is one of those substances your stomach is unable to tolerate)!

In addition, foods such as onions, broccoli, Brussels, beans, pulses, cauliflower, cabbage, etc., can also trigger food intolerance in some people, resulting in stomach gas! Processed foods should be avoided too because a lot of them contain yeast extracts that can cause indigestion and stomach bloating!

Avoid Foods That Contain Sugar: There are ‘internal’ factors to consider too. Do you know that all human bodies have yeast in their intestines by the name of Candida? It is quite a benign microorganism when it stays along with the ‘friendly’ bacteria of our body; however, if for some reason (such as, through the use of antibiotics), the friendly bacteria is killed, Candida starts becoming a menace. In addition, a diet rich in sugar is the perfect thing the Candida yeast needs to grow and mature; now you know why sugar is bad for you!

As a rule, almost all processed foods and fruit juices contain at least some amount of sugar; so, as a blanket rule, you should stay away from processed foods! On another note, processed foods are also harder to digest (compared to raw or home-cooked foods) which means that they can make your tummy bloated and constipated!

That apart, any kind of energy drinks, carbonated drinks (such as soda, beer, etc.), white bread, etc., should be struck off your diet! Though an occasional consumption of these foods may not cause a big harm, their regular consumption certainly will!

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