Top 6 Natural Remedies for Bad Breath!

If you have been suffering from bad breath troubles since a long time and no amount of brushing seems to work for you, then you have come to the right place! If the tips given in this article don’t work for you, I think only a dentist would be able to rid you from your bad breath woes! Note that if you don’t maintain basic oral hygiene of brushing your teeth daily – twice a day, then none of the tips in this article would have any long-lasting effects on your breath!

Natural Herbs: Certain herbs, such as eucalyptus, spearmint, cardamom, parsley, cilantro, coriander, anise, basil, mint, fennel, and rosemary – have the ability to reduce the offensive odor of your breath. You should chew on these herbs as often as you can, and especially after having any major meal! Chewing on parsley right after eating strong foods such as onion or garlic can help minimize the foul odor of your breath, while mint can not only freshen your breath but also help you digest your foods well!

I remember when I had an unusually terrible breath in the morning due to eating lots of raw onions on the previous night; although I could sense that something was wrong with my breath, it was really my little Sara’s random comment about my breath that made me realize that I needed to do something about it! Fortunately, that day my friend brought some parsley twigs, asking me to cook some ham for the two of us (he was going to have his lunch at my house on that day). I took a  few of those sprigs and chewed on them heavily, then swallowed them. After that I went to play with my daughter in the garden. I asked her to smell my breath then; she told me that it was much better than my morning breath! I was kind of relived. In addition, I was also suffering from bloating on that day but eating parsley relieved me from that trouble as well, which was like a nice bonus!

It is no surprise that a lot of commercial products, especially mouth fresheners, have parsley as one of their primary ingredients; after all, parsley, being rich in chlorophyll, is a perfect remedy for bad breath! In fact, there was this special parsley capsule available at one time; the manufacturing company claimed that it would relieve you of your foul breath by improving your digestion, the logic being that poor digestion is often reflected in a foul breath! The product was later banned after the company’s claims were challenged by its competitors in a court case!

Yet another way to use parsley is this: boil a few grounded or whole cloves along with parsley in water; let the mixture become cold, then strain it, and use this strained mix to rinse and gargle your mouth! It would make your bad breath vanish like magic!

Bad breath is often caused when a large quantity of plaque is piled up in your mouth, and this plaque catches on to anything with a strong odor (such as tobacco, onion, garlic) and in turn, makes your breath malodorous! If one brushes and flosses their teeth regularly, then this build-up of plaque would not occur; unfortunately, not everybody is good at taking proper care of their teeth; to be fair,  while almost every one of us brush our teeth at least once a day, we don’t do it twice, much less floss our teeth, clean our tongue, take care of our dentures, etc.! This is where carrots and celeries come in; regular consumption of these foods can prevent such a huge build-up of plaque in your mouth!

Baking Soda: You may or may not know it, but baking soda is certainly good for bad breath treatment! By changing the level of acidity in your mouth, it reduces the amount of Halitosis-causing bacteria! Using it is easy as well! If you want, you can  add a little amount of baking soda to your toothpaste and brush with it, wash your mouth thoroughly and make sure you also clean your tongue with a tongue scraper!

Another way to use it is by gargling! You can take around four-five ounces of water, mix three to four teaspoonfuls of baking soda and one-quarter of a teaspoonful of salt into it, stir the mixture until the baking soda is fully dissolved into the solution, then gargle with this solution for around 20 seconds! Do this regularly – at least twice a day, and bad breath would soon be a thing of past for you!

Water: Water can be used for bad breath treatment in two ways, and it does not come with a price tag either, so that no matter what your financial situation is, you can still use it to alleviate bad breath. One thing to note is that bad breath often occurs when your mouth is dry; if you keep it moist all the time, your saliva would flush out all the bad-odor causing bacteria! By drinking water often, you can keep your body and mouth from getting too dry!

Additionally, you can also use water to rinse your mouth thoroughly it after each and every meal you take; it is like an easy and quick fix that does not require much time! Water can also be used for gargling: simply take a mouthful of water, whirl it around all the parts of your mouth and then spit it out! It is as simple as that!

Lemon: Lemon can be used in multiple ways for curing bad breath woes. First of all, you can use it to wash your mouth – just squeeze a lemon into three to four ounces of water and then gargle and rinse your mouth with that! If you don’t need a mouthwash, the same solution can also be drunk like water and even that would help you greatly in fighting your malodorous breath!   

Tea Tree Oil of Australia: The Australian tea Tree Oil has powerful anti-bacterial elements that are potent enough to kill just about any kind of bacteria, including those which cause foul breath! Its usage is as follows: you can use it as a mouthwash by mixing a few drops of this oil along with a cup/bowl of water and then gargling with this solution. You should wash and rinse your mouth with this solution at least two or three times per day – preferably, after each and every meal you have!

Another way you can use it is by adding one or two drops of the tea tree oil with your favorite toothpaste and brush your teeth with it!

Hazelnut: You might have used this goodie in your desserts but it surely offers you many more benefits than you’d know! It’s not just good in flavor; it has several nutrients which benefits your health in multiple ways. Chew a couple of them every day and slowly your foul breath will be replaced with a healthier and more pleasant breath!

It is true that there are several chemicals and commercial products available that promise you the moon, yet not many of them work beyond a certain time, not to mention that they can burn a  deep hole in your pocket if you develop dependence for any of them. In sharp contrast, the natural bad breath remedies I discussed in this article are extremely cheap (and sometimes, even free) , easily accessible (you would be able to find many of the required ingredients right in your kitchen!) and they work much better too!

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