Ultimate Secret to Getting Tons of Backlinks at NO Cost-Part 1

Just so you don’t think I am misleading you, I should tell you this before hand:

I am not going to talk about the latest and greatest software tool that would help you mass submit (or rather say, "mass spam" thousands of sites).

With that said, I am going to tell you of a few methods you can use to find sites that allow backlinks Note that to use this method you must be:

– Motivated

– Enterprising and willing to work hard

– Willing to move on in case you encounter bad sites. Remember, no matter how smart you are, you WILL encounter a few sites that are averse to backlinks, just about any kind of backlinks, regardless of whether you believe they are "bad" or "good" links. There is no point in arguing with the webmasters of such sites; I prefer to move on!

– Have a little knowledge in HTML, BBCode, etc. ;)

– Lastly, I would also like to add that if this method fails to work at anytime in future I won’t be responsible for it (but I would certainly appreciate it if you let me know of the same :D)

That said, I am sure if you follow my instructions you should be  able to find enough sites where you can drop links. :)

There are numerous ways to find sites where you can drop backlinks. Let us discover them…. ;)

IMPORTANT: You MUST acquaint yourself with the Google search operators before proceeding with the rest of the article. These are the typical operators you would use to make a search query in Google. Call it math or science, but unless you understand these queries properly you won’t be able to make some of the "techy" search queries that are required to find good backlink sites. :D

For reference purposes:

HTML Code to use for Backlinks:

<a href="">Keyword</a>

BBCode to use for Backlinks:


Textile markup to use for Backlinks:


1. Vbulletin forums:

a) Where to drop backlinks:

A Vbulletin™ forum usually offers you 3 places to drop backlinks:

i) The profile page: Usually, you can access this page by logging into your forum account and then visiting: "Your Profile=>Edit Your Details". The URL to this section usually takes the form of: OR (depending on where the forum is installed).

On this page, you will find a section called "Home Page URL". You can add a link here in this format:


NOTE: Here you won’t get the benefit of ‘anchor text backlink’; instead, you will be able to add only 1 hard link.

ii) Visitor Messages: Yet another place to add your link is the "Visitor Messages" section of a Vbulletin forum. Here, you can add one or more anchor text backlinks in BBCode format. I would not suggest going beyond 1-2 backlinks as it maybe considered spammy. To access the "Visitor messages" section, click on your username; this would normally lead to your public profile under which, you will find a section called "Visitors messages".

NOTE: If you have already disabled visitor messages from your profile options (Settings & Options=>Edit Options) then you won’t be able to see this section unless you re-enable this option again!

Also, NOT all forums have this option enabled in their installation; there is nothing you can do about it! :)

iii) Signature: Third place to drop links is of course, your forum signature. Again, you should format your link in BBCode format. You can access your signature section by clicking on: "Settings & Options=>Edit Signature".  I kept it for the last because I don’t recommend adding links to your forum signature unless there is no other option.

As you might know, most (if not all) non-Internet marketing forums don’t like signature links, and even the internet marketing forums which do allow signature links are very strict about its use (see Warriorforum’s rules for a refresher). So, use this option only as a last resort. Some cases where you may need to add links to your forum signature are:

a) If your forum profile is not visible to the public (in this case Google won’t be able to see your profile either)

b) If you cannot add links either in your profile or the "visitor messages" section. Usually this happens with very few forums and where it happens, it usually means that the forum has been heavily spammed, prompting the admin to shut off all places where one could drop links! :)

The URL to this section usually takes the form of: editsignature OR editsignature (depending on where the forum is installed).

b) How to find Vbulletin forums: Vbulletin may offer you only 3 places to drop backlinks, but the number of queries you can use to find Vbulletin forums are certainly more than 3! :D Let us just explore some of them (because I am not sure if I know all the queries, hee hee ;) )

Queries you can use to find such sites (note that for each query, you can customize your options by clicking on "Show options" on the left to show you only forums, and "Advanced search" on the right of the to show you only English sites; I have done it all for the sample queries):


Main vBulletin Javascript Initialization vBulletin _init (sample query)
Query yielded: 34,400 results

Query#2 (Use this only IF query#1 fails for some reason):

intext:Main vBulletin Javascript Initialization vBulletin _init (sample query)
Query yielded: 23,400 results

Verdict: Query#1 is better! ;)

Note that I have deliberately avoided using title tags or footer texts as search parameters, since forums opting for the branding free service of Vbulletin won’t show up for these search queries. However, if you want you can certainly find these sites using either of the following queries:

intitle:powered by vbulletin (sample query)


intext:"powered by vbulletin" (sample query)


intext:powered by vbulletin (sample query)

As a matter of fact, I got a lot of false positives (a.k.a. duplicate sites) with these search parameters! ;)

Similarly, I have also avoided using specific URL patterns as search parameters because SEO-ed forums such as the Warriorforum won’t show up for these queries! Note also that in Vbulletin style sheets can be renamed just as easily as meta tags can removed! ;)

Therefore, I have stuck to using the primary elements of the software, such as Javascript tags, as search queries. :D

For Finding Niche forums ONLY (that is, forums related to a particular niche or topic). I have found that the following search queries are working decently:

intext:vBulletin "intitle:weight loss" (replace "weight loss" with your niche; check sample query)


intext:vBulletin "intitle:acne" (replace "acne" with your niche; check sample query)

Now go and spam all the vbulletin forums you can find while I write the next part of the article. :D  ;) (only kidding)

I cannot give an ETA on when the next part of this article would be available, as I am busier than usual this month (and of course, a lot depends on the number of nice comments I receive for this article ;) )

So there you go – amongst some of the best gifts you might have received form Xmas, you also get a long and boring gift from the Nuttie Guru. :D Talk about having variety! ;)

Now, if you liked this article, would you mind posting a nice comment below? ;)


  1. David

    So let me see if I got this straight. Use this to enter a url on say, personal budget categories. That might be a good way. ;-).

    Or this one: [url=]teaching kids about money[/url]. If this works, that gives me two links to be picked up by Google.

    And then I could just let people know they may have free tips on budgeting which includes a free report on Internet protection.

    Or would all of this be considered too spammy? ;-)

    Hey, thanks for the tips and have a Merry Christmas.


    1. Arindam


      Dunno about others but Akismet certainly considered your comment spammy and I had to recover it from the spam queue. Now if that is any indication… ;)

      Merry Christmas to you as well. :)

  2. DeAnna Troupe

    This was a very useful and timely post for me as I have just started a brand new site and I’m trying to get it ranked highly in the search engines. Keep up the good work!

  3. steve

    nice article i love the tips but i was wondering as i added about 10 backlinks to my squidoo page with the keyword link skateboarding tips and it went to 2nd in Google over night for half a day then disappeared And its been a week and its 100+ what did i do wrong?
    thanks for help and great tips.
    Steve from uk

    1. Arindam


      This is a normal Google Dance phenomenon. Just keep at it and your site should be back up at the original position a fortnight or month later! :)


      Sure. Use Firefox add-ons such as SEOQuake or Search Status. They should tell you about the PR of a site and also whether the links on that site are nofollow/dofollow.

      I would also like to add that some Vbulleltin forums have the profile page nofollowed: meaning that even though the LINKS in your profile are dofollow, the page which lists the profiles of all forums members is nofollow. If you encounter such a forum, it is a good idea to make a couple of posts on the forum (WITHOUT ADDING LINKS IN SIGNATURE, unless there is no other way out) so that Google can find your profile and follow the links therein! :)

  4. John


    This is a wonderful piece of information. I was amazed at the number of High PR sites I found on my own using the method you outlined above. Thank you very much.

  5. p.neisman

    Wow…great information about backlinks and finding sites that allow them. Is there a way to tell what rank these forums or sites are? I did not know about the Google search operators which are an eye opener. Could you explain how to use them -with further information?
    much appreciated

  6. David

    Thanks. You obviously saw the tongue in cheek there. Good to have some fun sometimes. Really like your stuff.


  7. Ade Martin

    As usual you put out good stuff Arindam.

    One of the very few marketers that I look forward to receiving an email from.

    Solid backlink information on a topic that is changing rapidly.



  8. R Kumar

    That was indeed an informative articles. The javascript queries that you have mentioned just worked fine for me and I was able to find at least 5 good forums with discussions that had a good page rank as well. I am fascinated at the prospect of leaving one such backlink in one forum and then getting indexed.
    Thanks a lot for the article.

  9. Anna

    I’ve been doing similar things but have had a lot of false positives so it’s nice to finally know how to get rid of those.

    I thought I’d also add you can use SEO quake to sort the results by PR. As long as it shows the homepage, not individual posts then you can choose which ones to work on.

    Normally I will show 100 results and then only hit the PR4’s and up. Unless I’m targeting a specific niche that doesn’t have much, then I will do PR2’s and up.

    Anyways thanks for the post and I do look forward, as always, to future ones.


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  11. Greg Cryns


    You are required reading for me now. Great job, buddy!

    1. Arindam

      Thanks Greg. Thanks also for the retweet. :)

  12. Alert Senior

    Do you think Angela and Paul’s tactics are right for long term businesses, or for short term gains only?

    1. Arindam

      Probably short term gains. One great thing about their packets is that even a newbie could build backlinks easily with no tech knowledge. So, until one’s skills develop, the packets are a great way to start! In long term you would want to find your own backlinks (probably outsource that part too if you want to). ;)

  13. Ronnie

    Thanks Arindam for these tips on finding ways to get more links to a website.

    I am using several methods for link building and am always glad to gain any quality information to help me out.

    BTW I love your site and have read several more of your articles, Some are a little long but thanks for sharing them with us.

    Happy New Year

  14. DJ White Hawk

    Happy New Year and a thousand thanks for this post. I never thought of this type of search before. I am going give it a whirl at this backlink stuff. Been trying to get good info and I landed here. Thank you Arindam !

  15. Justin Case

    Thanks Arindam, This post along with the email helps make a lot more sense now than it all did a few hours ago.

    I may actually be able to rank for some keywords here sooner than later.

    Happy new year and all that jazz to you and all your readers.

  16. Joseph

    Ok, I’ve just arrived at this site via a lot of links that started hours ago back at Google when trying to seaqrch for info on “backlinking”. I think I’ll stop now that I’m here.

    Great post, excellent site Arindam. Well done and thanks for putting such useful stuff out there!

  17. Sam

    Any idea of how long these links stick on these sites? How would you make them stay up? thanks, S.

    1. Arindam


      Depends on HOW you build the backlinks. Please see:

  18. Truck Bed Accessories

    Fantastic post. I am a little concerned that as I apply Angela’sPauls links I am arriving on a track that has been used by so many other people and the chances of the links getting taken down are high. You have now given some clues on how to find similar sites (I like the niche search) that have not had 1000 linkbuilders there before me. thanks again

  19. Victor

    Wow! I have been looking for this kind of information all over the Internet for months. Your info on creating backlinks is simple and to the point. I have one question. What about relevancy on the sites to place the links? For instance..I have sites on spanish. Would it be ok for my links to those sites to be on any other site even if they are not in spanish? Or on different topics?

    1. Arindam


      Well I have not tried posting to non-English forums that much (just limited myself to registering, adding links to my profile, etc), the reason being English is the only language I know (apart from my native tongue which is Bengali) :D If you understand the language then fine, and if your website is also in Spanish then it would be more relevant to post in Spanish forums. If you don’t understand the language you can take help from the clumsy Google translator. Whatever you do don’t make a stupid post, as that is the fastest way to get yourself banned from a forum, more so if it happens to be one of the links in Angela’s link packets ;)