Victorian Or Country Christmas Decor: Which Is Better For You?

No matter how modernized Christmas celebration becomes, there are certain things about it which continues to be traditional, and decorations are one of them. If you are looking for traditional Christmas tree decor but don’t know where to start, then this article is perfect for you! In this article I will discuss the details about the two traditional styles of tree decor available as well as which one is best for you!

1. The cost: There are actually two types of traditional Christmas decorations available: Country style and Victorian style. The country style is cheaper than the Victorian one, but ill-fitted if you have a tall or a corner artificial Christmas tree; in such cases a Victorian style of decoration would be more suitable!

2. The type of Christmas tree: As I said earlier, the Victorian style of Christmas decor is best suited for tall, artificial trees. If on the other hand, you have a real tree, then there is no better solution than buying the country style of decorations! Of course you need to make sure that your tree has a wide diameter and looks like a pine. If you want to use the country style décor on artificial trees, then buy an artificial corner tree resembling a pine. But like I already said, country style decor is best suited to REAL Christmas trees!

3. The tools of the trade: Keep in mind that you can also create the country decorations at home in order to cut down on costs! A country decor should look traditional, which means that no modern rope lights, mini lights or fiber optic lights should be used; instead you should use the traditional egg-shaped lights of red, green, blue, or yellow colors! If you don’t get these lights then you could use the old-fashioned combination of green and red lights!

Bottom line, country style of Christmas decor should be created in such a way that they look quite rustic and vintage-style. To create this look and feel, you could use things such as stuffed toys, velvet, ribbon, glass, tin, tinsel, wood, etc.

If you are still not sure about whether to go for a Victorian or Country style of Christmas decor, just keep this one thing in mind: Victorian style décor are best suited for tall and slim artificial Christmas trees, while the Country style is suitable if it is a real tree with fat girth! If you want, you can also use the Country style of Christmas décor on an artificial tree, provided that the tree is fat and looks like a pine!

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