Why Do It Yourself Termite Control Is A BAD Idea

First let me ask you one question: you might have watched a lot of DIY shows on your TV but have you ever watched a DIY show on termite control? No, right? There must be some reason behind it, right? Well, the reason is that do it yourself termite control is a highly dangerous activity that should be restricted only to the professionals. At least, my own experience proves me true.

As of now, there are currently two types of termite control treatments available. One treatment is called the barrier treatment. Under this treatment, you need to surround your entire house (including your lawns, gardens, etc.) with a barrier of chemicals. Barrier treatment can range from injecting pesticide in the soil of your favorite garden to building your house on a slab or crawlspace.

There are two reasons why homeowners should never attempt to do the barrier treatment themselves. One reason is that the barrier treatment requires a lot of tools whose cost is in itself so prohibitive that you’d think that you had better hired an expert than doing it all yourself. The second reason is that the barrier treatment is not as easy as some people will make you believe. It requires special skills and knowledge which not many homeowners have. As a homeowner myself, I would certainly not have a novice do this job. I would rather hire someone who has been there, done that and has the required training and expertise in this regard, even if that means paying up a little more.

Some people believe that spraying pesticides around their houses is an effective way to control the growth of termites. While it can be a good preventive measure, it is certainly not that effective especially if your house has already been attacked by termites.

The second type of termite control treatment available to homeowners is the baiting system. The way it works is when you place baits in your house, the young termites get attracted by the baits and take them to their colony. These baits kill only the young and immature termites and not the adult workers. The adult workers will die a natural death but since there is no one to take their place after their death, this effectively ends their colony.

However, unfortunately, most of these baits are not available to the homeowners. The manufacturers of these chemicals make sure that the supply of such chemicals is limited only to the established professionals with whom they have a close nexus. In short, most of these baits are available only to the professionals.

Because of these reasons, I highly recommend that you hire an expert for this purpose. I mostly hire an expert to control termites in my home but I know of a tool that is effective in killing the termites. If you want to know more about the tool, [adrotate banner=”39″]