10 Dog Training Commands You Can Use To Train Your Beloved Dog!

Let’s face it. Even though the dog is called ‘man’s best friend’ it still needs to be trained to adapt it to human beings. How we train our dogs? By using a specific set of dog training commands. Every dog owner should know about these dog training commands, so that they can train their dogs to do both simple and complex tasks. In this article, I will give you a comprehensive list of dog training commands. This is list is in no way exhaustive, but it gives you an idea about the commands we most commonly use with our own dogs. As you read though this article, you will discover that some dog commands are pretty similar to those we use when talking to a human. Others are a bit wacky.

1. “Off”: If you want to have your dog focus on certain things or become more attentive to you, then you can use this command. This is really an effective way of increasing a dog’s attention span.

2.”Dog’s Real name”: This is one of the most effective dog training commands that many dog owners don’t seem to use. I recommend you call the dog by its own name whenever you feel like calling it. This will help the dog develop a personal relationship with you and help it understand your commands more clearly.

3. “Good”: If you like something that your dog has done then compliment him using this command.

4.”No”: On the other hand, if you disapprove of something that the dog has done, you can use this dog training command to let it know about your dislike.

5. “Take it”: If you want to give the dog a toy of food or something else, you can use this command to ask the dog to take the thing from you.

6.”Sit”: To tell your dog to sit, use this command. This is the same command we use for humans as well!

7. “Down”: Ever wondered if there is a command you can use to tell your dog to lie down? Well, in case you don’t know, this is the command you can use for this purpose.

8.”Easy” If you want the dog to stop at the last part of the leash and hang around for you, or come back to you and wait, then you can use this highly effective dog training command. Also if you want the dog to be attentive to you even when there are certain distracting elements around, then too you can use this command.

9. “Quiet”: How many times has your dog wrecked your nerves by barking loudly all day long? This simple command will work like a stopper on his mouth.

10. “Kennel Up” – “Bed”: It is night time and you want your dog to have a good night’s sleep. However, your dog doesn’t understand it. Use any of these two commands to tell the dog to creep on to its crate.

As I said before, this list is in no way exhaustive. Also, if you really want to train your dog properly, merely learning a few dog training commands won’t do. To learn about the other aspects of dog training, please take a look at my dog training guide by clicking the link in my resource box below!

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