2 Reasons Why Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning Is A BAD Idea!

Unlike other types of flooring, you don’t need to clean your carpet too frequently. However, you must clean your carpet once every year. What is more important is that you should avoid cleaning the carpet yourself and instead, have it done professionally by experts. Professional carpet cleaning not only extends the life and quality of your carpet; it also saves you and your family from dangerous allergies and illness.

It is a well known fact that because of the high costs of professional carpet cleaning, many people tend to avoid the experts and try to clean the carpet themselves. This approach looks fine in theory as it helps save some costs, but the major downside is that the quality of do-it-yourself carpet cleaning is almost never as good as professional carpet cleaning. Moreover, carpet cleaning is a time consuming task that also requires a lot of hard work. Depending on the type of carpet cleaning method, a beginner may even damage the carpet in the process of cleaning it.

There are many mistakes that an inexperienced homeowner may make while cleaning a carpet. Here are just some of them.

1. Over shampooing; Over shampooing means overuse of shampoo while cleaning the carpet or not having the carpet rinsed properly after cleaning it. Both of them are the inevitable results of do-it-yourself carpet cleaning and they result in a large residue of soap being left behind. This is the reason why even experienced homeowners should occasionally hire a professional to clean the soap residue otherwise they risk turning the carpet into a major dirt magnet.

2. Over wetting: Over wetting means wetting the carpet too much while cleaning them. Over wetting may result in your carpets getting discolored, shrunk, and torn into pieces. Over wetting is another mistake most people make while cleaning the carpet themselves.

The main point here is: if you want to keep your carpet well maintained, you either need to hire a professional or learn to do it the ‘correct’ way.

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