4 True Cures to Acid Reflux and 3 Other Diseases


Whether you suffer from acid reflux, snoring, burping or bad breath, there is always a cure out there, you know. In this article I will discuss four such easy cures which are guaranteed to cure all the four problems in one clean sweep!

Cure#1: Lose Weight: Even if you don’t follow any of the tips mentioned below, you MUST lose weight. Do you know how much harder your stomach has to work in order to digest what you eat, simply because of your obesity? The harder you make your stomach act, the more you suffer from acid reflux. One solution that is a cure both for weight loss and acid reflux is to break down every large meal you have into smaller meals and eat each of these small meals every couple of hours. This way, not only you will be able to control your body weight, your stomach will also find it easy to digest your food. No indigestion, no acid reflux, simple!

If you are not overweight yet are suffering from acid reflux, one tip that applies to you is that you should never have a large meal immediately before bedtime. Eating a small meal ensures that your stomach will be able to digest it by the time you are off to bed; on the other hand, it takes the stomach more time to digest a larger amount of food and if you go to bed a little after eating a big chunk of food then indigestion and acid reflux are bound to occur.

You should also stop eating bad foods such as junk foods, foods which are high in salt content, fatty and fried foods, carbonated drinks, sugary and alcoholic beverages, etc. These foods not only boost your weight gain, they also increase your acid reflux. Apart from these foods, you should also avoid other acid reflux-inducing foods such as tomatoes, onions, garlic, etc.

Cure#2: Avoid Tobacco: Tobacco in any form should be avoided, such as chewing, smoking, etc. Smoking is known not only to cause acid reflux by drying out your saliva but also to cause cancer in the lungs.

Cure#3: Fix Your Postures: Sit in the right posture when eating your food; do not bend over or sit like a hunchback. Sitting in a bad posture during eating usually leads to indigestion. The same rule applies to sleeping too: you should ideally increase the height of the headrest of your bed; doing so will make it almost impossible for your stomach to push acid back into your throat.

Cure#4: Antacids: Antacids are great as temporary solutions but they can never offer you permanent relief which is why the lifestyle changes I described above are required to experience a total and absolute relief from acid reflux. Antacids work by preventing acid from moving into the esophagus area as well as by reducing the production of acid. Most antacids can be purchased over-the-counter without a prescription.

I surely hope these tips were helpful for you toward controlling acid reflux. If you need more information on how to cure acid reflux, [adrotate banner=”6″]