7 Powerful Ways to Cure Both Bad Breath and Post Nasal Drip in ONE Go

What is bad breath and how is it caused? There are, in fact, a lot of reasons behind bad breath, also known as halitosis. One of these reasons is post nasal syndrome. You know you have got this syndrome if the glands of your throat and nose are frequently congested by a thick layer of mucus, causing you difficulties while breathing.

So how does post nasal syndrome contribute to halitosis? Simple. The mucus which seems to block your nasal passages is in fact a rich source of protein. Bad bacteria enter your system and use this mucus as well as your sputum to create the foul smells emanating from your mouth. How do they do achieve this? By simply destroying the proteins contained in your mucus and turning it into foul odor similar to the smells of old socks and rotting eggs. This is the same smell which emanates from the mouth of a person when he is down with sore throat and flu!

So, is there any way to get rid of this type of bad breath? Yes, of course. That is exactly what I am going to outline in this article. You can, in fact, get rid of post-nasal-drip-generated halitosis by following the seven simple steps below:

a) Use the proper medicines: Medicines which help you prevent the further production of mucus can be helpful in your condition. Be careful, these medicines can dry your mouth too quickly, so you should avoid their overuse. Keep in mind that a mucus-filled mouth attracts the bad breath bacteria as much as a dry mouth does!

b) Fix your diet: What you eat also determines how much mucus your body produces. If you want to prevent mucus secretion (thereby, stopping bad breath dead in its tracks), you should include such foods in your diet which are rich in Vitamin E and C. Consumption of a decent amount of both these vitamins will prevent chances of excessive mucus secretion.

c) Exercises: Exercises also help in reducing the amount of mucus in your pharynx area. Try some breathing exercises for this purpose.

d) Drink enough water: Remember I told you how a dry mouth contributes to bad breath? But water doesn’t just help you keep dehydrated; it also helps in washing away all the foul odor causing bacteria which reside in your mouth. Bottom line, even if you forget to brush your teeth for a day, drinking eight glasses of water would take care of the problem instantly! That doesn’t of course means you should drink artificial ‘water’ like soda, carbonated beverages, etc., as they only make your halitosis condition worse.

e) Use a humidifier: It is important to keep your home’s humidity level normal. Abnormal humidity level can make your post nasal drip and bad breath condition even worse. Ideally, the air inside your home should contain a decent amount of moisture.

f) Don’t use mouth fresheners: Mouth fresheners should be avoided unless it is an emergency. They do nothing more than hide your bad breath for a short while, after which it makes your breath even more foul because these fresheners contain just the right things which bad breath bacteria love: sugar and chemicals.

g) Use saline nasal sprays: It is not enough that your keep your home air moist; you should also moisten your nasal passages with saline nasal sprays so as to keep both post nasal drip and bad breath away.

Good luck fighting with halitosis! For more information, [adrotate banner=”5″].