Cure Headache: 4 Common Foods That Can Trigger Headache

If you are wondering why you have suddenly got that awful ache in your head, just take a look around yourself and you will find that the culprit is your food! Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but there are certain foods that can cause headaches and which you should avoid at all costs. There are some people who have reported that certain types of foods cause tremendous pain in their heads and once they stopped the consumption of these foods, headache gradually vanished out of their lives! In this article I will tell you about the foods that cause headache attacks, and why. Once you avoid or limit the intake of these foods, you will be able to cure headache easily.

1. First, why do certain foods cause headache? This is because these foods contain neurotransmitters which are known to trigger headache. Foods containing the chemical tyramine can release neurotransmitters. You should avoid foods such as chocolate, alcohol, organ meats such as kidney or liver, vinegar, salad dressings, sauce, yeast extracts as well as yogurts as they contain a high amount of tyramine.

2. There are many other types of foods that can trigger headaches. For example, foods such as smoked fish, corned beef, hamburger, bacon, canned ham as well as sausages contain nitrates as preservatives. Nitrates are notorious for triggering frequent headache attacks; therefore, if you want to cure headache fast, you should avoid the intake of these foods as much as possible.

3. Headache attacks are not limited to just foods containing tyramine or nitrates. Foods which contain monosodium glutamate such as potato chips, Chinese foods, salad dressings, sauce, soup, mayonnaise as well as frozen and chemically processed foods are equally harmful and should be avoided.

4. And you will be very surprised to know that sometimes the culprits behind your headache can be as common and innocuous as citrus fruits, dairy products, wheat products, fatty foods, soybeans, onions, and seafood.

Now I know that most of these foods are part of your daily diet and cannot be avoided even if you want to. And there is no need to strike out all of them from your diet! In fact, food triggers for headache differ from person to person. So, while one person’s headache is being triggered by sauce, it may not be the case for another person. The only real way to determine which foods are triggering headache attacks is to start keeping a two-column diary. On one column you should write the dates on which you have headaches and in another column you should write about the foods that you ate before the headache started. If you do this diligently for one month you will soon be able to spot the real culprit foods and stop their consumption. Once you do this you will be able to get a permanent cure from headache.

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