Dating Women Tips- How To Collect Your Woman’s Phone Number

Meeting a woman once and then not getting in touch with her later isn’t going to cut any ice. In order to seduce her, you must call her every so often that she gets attracted to you and wants to meet you desperately. The problem is that most single woman won’t give you a correct number on first dates. In this article, I will tell you how to snatch the phone number from a woman and how to tell if she is giving you a wrong number or not.

Probably the most common and overused technique guys use to get a woman’s number is: “I want to meet you for dinner tomorrow. May I have your number?” However, due to overuse, this trick is not as effective as it used to be. Moreover, a woman , instead of giving her own number, may ask for your number instead. This is a slick trick used by woman to avoid giving you her number. There is another tactic used by women which is even worse: they give you a phony or wrong number. When using this trick, the woman may or may not have bad intentions. Either she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings by declining to give her number or that she may have a husband or boyfriend at home who may not take too kindly to her affair with another guy.

So is there any better way to get her number? Yes, but be prepared to ‘lose’ your woman as well. However, I can tell you I have successfully used this trick for several years with no problems. Here is what I do: I first ask the girl for her number. I then write it down on a piece of paper. I then ask her again ‘Could you please repeat that number?’ If the second number she gives is different from the first one, then you can be rest assured that she is lying. Tell her straightaway that you don’t like the fact that she gave you a wrong number, and tell her that you don’t want to meet women who are habitual liars. Then just walk away. If your woman has even a little feeling for you, she will call you back and apologize. Once she calls you on your cell phone, you now know her correct number (it blinks right on the phone screen). See how easy it is! If she doesn’t call you back, then take heart in the fact that she was not the right woman for you in the first place. You don’t want to date a liar, do you?

However, let me tell you that nine times out of ten, I have successfully used this technique and the woman have called me back at night to apologize. Did I tell you that you must carry an expensive pen with you in order to write down her number when on a date. Why an expensive pen? Simply to make a favorable and permanent impression on her!

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