Diabetes Healing Foods- Important Things You Need To Know- Part II

There are several diabetes healing foods available in the market. However, there are three magic diabetes healing foods which I have found to be useful particularly for people suffering from diabetes. The reason I like these three magic diabetes healing foods is because they provide your body with all the necessary nutrition without increasing your blood sugar levels!

1. Carrots: The first magic diabetes healing food is carrot. The reason why I recommend carrot is because it is rich is beta-carotene. Beta-carotene lowers the risk of blood sugar. Only in a recent study it was found out that people who consume a large quantity of beta-carotene are less likely to have diabetes than those who consume little or no beta-carotene.

One thing to note is that carrots are often criticized because it is believed that they contain sugar. The truth is that carrots contain a very low amount of sugar which won’t affect your blood sugar levels very much. As you can see, the benefits of consuming carrots far outweigh the ‘risks’. Carrots have other health benefits as well. For example, carrots contain Vitamin A which is good for eyesight.

2. The second magic diabetes healing food is berry. And I am sure strawberries or midnight- blue blueberries are among your favorite foods. You love them because they taste sweet, right? However, do you know that eating berries is beneficial for diabetes patients? And if you are worried that berries contain a lot of sugar, let me clear this up for you – the sugar which is harmful for your body (and which is used to create table sugar) is called sucrose. On the contrary, the sugar contained in berries is called fructose, which is not harmful for blood sugar patients because the amounts of sugar they produce don’t raise the blood sugar levels much.

On the other hand, berries will help you control your blood sugar levels because they are rich in fiber and red-blue natural plant compounds called anthocyanins. Scientists believe that anthocyanins increase insulin production by a large degree and in this way, helps in lowering your blood sugar levels. Remember that you should consume either fresh or frozen berries, NOT berry juices.

3. Cabbage: The third magic diabetes healing food is cabbage. Cabbages are highly recommended for diabetes patients. They contain a low amount of calories and high amounts of fiber. Including such foods in your diet is the way to lose weight! And once you lose weight, your blood sugar levels will automatically normalize. Like berries, red cabbages contain a high percentage of anthocyanins, which is believed to boost insulin production and thereby, lower blood sugar levels.

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