Eczema Treatment For Children – 5 Tips

Children, especially those living in western countries, suffer from atopic dermatitis, also known as infantile eczema. It is a strange disease. During the first few weeks, it won’t show up any symptom at all, then suddenly you will notice one or two eczema outbreaks on your child’s skin, whereby the itches doesn’t stop and ultimately cause inflammation of the skin. As a matter of fact, babies with dry skin suffer more from infantile eczema than others. In this article, I will tell you about five types of eczema treatments for your children.

1. The main problem that comes up in case of eczema treatment for children is that it is difficult to keep children from scratching the itches. In case you don’t know, scratching the itches will aggravate the infection even further. Usually, eczema disappears naturally as the child ages. For the time being, your best bet is to use a moisturizer. Apply moisturizer regularly on your child’s skin, preferably after the bath. You should also make sure to keep your child away from dust mites as well as other possible allergens that are known to trigger eczema.

2. Avoid buying synthetic clothes for your child. In fact, until the child is completely cured of eczema, you should buy only cotton clothes for him. Cotton is not only good for sensitive skin; it also helps in your child’s breathing.

3. The temperature of your child’s bathing water plays a big role here; as a rule of thumb, hot bath water generally irritates the skin and augments eczema. So you should use only lukewarm water for bathing your child. Also make sure that you bathe your child twice a day to keep his skin from getting dried. If the water irritates your child’s skin you can add a little salt (about half a cup in a full bucket of water) in the bath water. And make sure to avoid soaps and detergents at all costs. And of course, immediately after bathing, you should apply a moisturizer on your child’s skin.

4. There are some types of moisturizers which you should avoid. For example, avoid moisturizers which have a sweet fragrance. Also, try to avoid chemical moisturizers as far as possible and opt for the natural alternatives. If you cannot find a natural moisturizer, your local doctor should be able to help you with it.

5. Since dry skin is one of the main causes behind baby eczema, you need to be proactive to make sure that your child’s skin never dries up. To do this, get a cotton cloth, and soak it in lukewarm water. Make the child sit up on the bed and put the moistened cloth on his shoulders and back. Then get another cloth soaked in lukewarm water and put it over his toes and fingers. In this way, you should cover his entire body with damp clothes. The child should remain in this condition for at least half-an hour everyday.

While it is not difficult to cure baby eczema, it can be quite difficult at times. Fortunately there are several easy eczema treatments available for your children.

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