Eliminate Mildew Odor: 4 Surefire Ways To Eliminate Mildew Odor Permanently From Your Rugs And Carpets

It often happens that besides attacking our furniture, clothes and other things, mildew also attacks our favorite carpets, mats and rugs. In this article I will tell you of four easy ways of eliminating mildew odor from your carpets and mats.

First of all, you need to clean the carpet with either detergent or a dry soap. Then you should clean it with a damp or absorbent cloth. This should eliminate the surface odor. Then you can place the carpet in the sun in order to eliminate any chances of further mildew growth.

If the carpet is too heavy to move, or if you cannot remove the excess water out of it, you may need to rent a vacuum cleaner specifically made for carpets. Don’t use your own home vacuum cleaner unless it is specifically designed to work like a wet vacuum. Rent a vacuum cleaner from outside. You can easily get vacuum cleaner rentals from your local stores. Use hot water extractions to remove water. Vacuum clean the carpet until no more water is left. Remember that water can severely damage the backing of your carpet.

If water has penetrated deeper than the surface of your carpet, then you may need to open up one corner of the carpet and remove water from that part. After you remove water, you can easily reinstall the carpet like it was before.

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