Eliminate Odour: 3 Natural Ways To Eliminate Odour Easily!

While there are many natural remedies to eliminate odour, I will tell you of the three best natural remedies that you can use to eliminate odour fast.

1. Cinnamon is a good natural antidote to any kind of bad odor. Simply place cinnamon on an aluminum foil and place the foil on a hot oven. Then open the doors and windows of your room wide open. As cinnamon heats, its smell will spread through the whole house, permanently eliminating odour.

2. Coffee and ammonia are other good natural ways to eliminate odour. Simply put a little ammonia or a teaspoonful of coffee in a container and heat it with water. The smoke coming out of that will eliminate odour.

3. Get a fresh apple from the market. Then slice it and leave the slices on a plate in your room. After 2 or 3 days, the slices will become brown and dry, and the fresh scent of the apples will eliminate odour from your room.

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