How I ‘fooled’

Sometimes I really do some unconventional stuff and even outrageous stuff. This week I got a chance to 'break the rules' by submitting four private label articles to the most distinguished article directory of the internet. Some gurus would advise you that as a rule, you need to rewrite PLR articles completely in order to be able to submit them to article directories; or at least, you need to rewrite 90% of the content. Nonsense! I am here to prove them wrong.

This week, I took out four old plr articles on traffic generation. The articles themselves were not too bad. Anyway, I didn't do a complete rewrite of the plr articles. Each article had about 11 paragraphs of text and some of them were filler content. For each article, what I did was rewrite the first four paragraphs and the last two paragraphs. In fact, while rewriting, I removed all the fluff and filler (because I hate them), got the meat and rewrote it. I left the five paragraphs in the middle intact. And of course, I gave original titles to my articles :)

Now, I submitted those articles to,,, etc (I submitted them under a pen name). Now, before submitting the articles to (which is known to have a bigger and more sensitive nose than the rest of the article directories), I took ample precautions. I didn't use my primary account for this purpose. Instead, I opened another basic account, and then I submitted my articles under a pen name and in the appropriate category.

Now, you know that basic members have to wait for days to get an article approved, so I had to wait for 4 days to get them approved, and they GOT approved!

You believe it! I maybe edited 50-60% of the plr content and still managed to bypass their 'sensitive nose'.

So, that was all about this week. Right now I don't plan to do this kind of stuff regularly but anyway, if you ever want to go my way, make sure you have taken the same precautions as mine. You never know … :)

And make sure that your plr article is not some junk article, or it won't get approved anyway :)

Lastly, try to write original articles as far as possible. If you want to go my route, no harm. Just make sure you get your articles from quality plr sites. Unless you have gotten the plr articles from quality sites such as All Private Label Content, you are sure to get junk content most of the time. I am a member of All Private Label Content plus a few other sites. Sometimes I purchase plr stuff from WSOs as well. Note that the plr I submitted to the article directories were NOT junk content, though they had some filler stuff. If they were junk I probably had to rewrite them entirely :)

Oh, and while talking of article writing, a few months ago I had released my flagship report on bum marketing-the Nuttie Bums. This report contains three ways you can make the bum marketing thing work smarter for you! It doesn't contain the ordinary bum marketing stuff; in fact, some of you may find certain things in the report to be outrageous :) But again, feel free to check it.

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  1. Sean

    dAMN i WAS EXPECTING SOMETHING VERY TOP SECRET :-) I got here from BlogRush :-) Look like it’s working!

    I use it too.

  2. mark

    Of course if you took those 9 paragraphs and rewrote them a further 2 times you could have made yourself up about 2000 relativly unique articles by mixing and matching everything. 3X3x3 etc 9times

    Yep blog rush is working I am another “rusher”

  3. Arindam

    You are CORRECT. In fact, as of now, 40-45% of my blog traffic comes from blogrush. The rest come from delicious and stumble upon, and of course, Google. I am not at all surprised to see that blog rush is working: in fact, anything released by John Reese is sure to work. What I am surprised at is that John is giving away this tool freely :)

    I wonder though whether blogrush will work on my non-IM blogs.


  4. Mike

    I am going to try that with ezine articles. I like to test limits with them as their “editors” are nitpicking bastards. They always think I am just writing articles to sell something… Why the hell ELSE would I?

  5. Arindam

    Correct. They even expect their authors to give away all the good information for free, as if authors are doing some social service out there.


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