How I Got Indexed in Google Within HOURS!

I few days ago I had told you how I am inclining more and more toward social bookmaking rather than article marketing. For those not in the loop, here is the link to the post.

Well, my belief in social bookmarking became stronger yesterday. You might remember that yesterday I sent out an article to my subscribers about my unique way of doing niche research. Well, here is where it got interesting.

A few hours later, I was going through the logs of shortstats and what I saw totally blew me off! I saw that my blog post ranked 8th in a regional website of Google, that too for a very broad term: "niche research". Note that my blog doesn't even have any PR, and I am a SEO dunce. The only things I know about SEO are the basic title tag, meta tag and keywords. Nothing fancy here. But I got indexed anyway!

Here is the link to the search results:

Last checked, at least three people visited my blog using that search term, one of them from Brazil, one from India and another from Australia.

In case the results have got updated by the time you read this post, I have even created a screenshot for you (just so you know that I am not lying here):

So what I did that got me indexed so fast? Well, to tell you the truth, immediately after I made the blog post, I submitted it to some (not all, since I was short on time) social bookmarking sites. I would guess that was the big reason for getting indexed so fast!

Do you think I could have gotten the same result with bum marketing or ezinearticles? I don't think so. I would not have been this surprised if it was some remote niche but here we are talking about IM, one of the most competitive niches out there besides gambling, porn, real estate and golf. So, getting indexed so fast and that too on the first page of Google is a matter of honor more than anything else. 

So all you skeptics out there who still doubt my opinions ;) , go and try to do some social bookmarking! Believe it or not, the feeling of having an exclusive article on your own blog is far greater than that of having 100s of articles on someone else's website!

No I am not bad mouthing bum marketing. I am just saying that you should NOT rely exclusively on ezinearticles for your business (I have reiterated the same thing and in a far more detailed way in my bum marketing report). Having multiple sources of traffic will boost your online business in more ways than you can imagine!

By the way, when are you submitting me a testimonial? If you like my blog post, I would love to have some feedback :D

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