How To Make 2008 Your Year

This would probably be the last issue of the NuttieViralizer newsletter for the year 2007. In this newsletter I would like to point out how to think ahead in 2008, reflect on the past and try not to make the same lame mistakes as you did in 2007.

1. Abandoning the Little Fishes for the Big Sharks: If you are already marketing successfully in the little niches, there is no reason why you shouldn't take it to the next level. You never know what is in store for you! In 2008, my aim is to shoot for the bigger niches. In fact I have already started testing one such ultra-competitive niche. I have already made some affiliate cash in one of the *HOT*, competitive niches and there is no reason why it would be any different for the other competitive niches. In 2007 I have had some success with the smaller niches. However, in 2008, my aim is to abandon them and go for the bigger catch. You know, in business as well as in life, you should always think BIG.

Some people may give you the wrong advice that if you remain contented with the fact that you can't do anything better, you will never face any problem! Wrong! Totally wrong advice! Thinking that you cannot do any better than what you are doing is a self-depreciating thought that will destroy you and your business. You won't lose your shirt is you dream big, will you? It is a little like the dating game: just because you are burdened with a not-so-good woman doesn't mean you can't have any better. :)

Don't worry: if I find a working system that I can replicate successfully in every niche, I'll share it with you! Nah, don't expect it to be a free report! It would probably cost some money, but will be well worth it. If you have read my Nuttiebums report, then you know that I don't write fluff.

2. Sell More, Buy Less: This is my second resolution for the New Year: to heavily cut down on purchases and increase my sales. In fact, the process had already begun in 2007. In 2008, I plan to check my hard drive thoroughly before purchasing anything. I'd like to tell you that before you purchase the 'next big product', wait for its reviews and results. See whether others are having success with the product and if yes, then only you should invest in it; otherwise not. Also try to focus on WSOs instead of the big ticket items pushed by the gurus. More often than not, you can get the same quality information at the Warrior Special Offers section but at a much cheaper price.

In fact, my last purchase of this year is a WSO as well: Bev Clement's Business Roadmap report. If the WSO is still available you're lucky; if not, I'm sorry. If you're bewildered and confused about your next step, then this 21-page report is for you. It will let you reflect on your past, help you analyze what went wrong and what you did right, and then pave the path for your future business plan. Of course, like anything else, you need to take ACTION after reading the report. You simply can't go wrong with $7. I recommend you read it not just once but throughout the year 2008!

And no, I am not getting paid for telling you all these. I am just one of her customers. :)

In fact, Bev's report helped me make some of my New Year Resolutions as well! :)

If you are unable to keep track of WSOs I highly recommend the software WSO Spy – it runs on my taskbar and helps me tremendously with its bubble-like notifications.

Again, I don't get a penny for this referral, as you can easily find out! But then, the aim of this newsletter is to be a guide to my subscribers, not making money off their backs! Which is what takes me to my New Year Resolution #3!

3. Build an Online Newsletter, or Take It to the Next Level: If you haven't done it yet, I really urge you to start a newsletter. It is not as hard as some people would make you believe! You just create one simple HTML page, tell a few words about your newsletter, and put the subscription form under that. Actually, the hard part of newsletter is staying committed to it! Take a look at my newsletter.

I don't assume that I am offering free content to my subscribers; that would make me feel bad about myself; instead, I believe that I am helping my subscribers find their way out from the internet marketing jungle. There have been days when I didn't feel like writing the regular newsletter issue; then there are days when I curse myself for starting this newsletter. Still there is something which prods me to continue, to keep writing and writing. This is how this newsletter started off slow and today you are reading its 22nd issue. Amazing, isn't it? Time flies faster than the wind!

When creating the newsletter, don't always think of money. Think how you can offer VALUE to your subscribers. If you have been my subscriber for any length if time, you cannot deny the fact that I hardly send you any sales pitches. Yes, if any resource is relevant to the content of the newsletter, then of course I point that out to you, either through my affiliate link or direct to the website (when an affiliate link isn't available). But that's it!

Perhaps you may not be aware of it, but one of the aims of my newsletter is to build a friends' list so I can keep in touch regularly with them. I am not building this list for making money. I consider every internet marketer a friend because somewhere deep down I can relate to their struggles and aspirations; I have been through them, and still am! One of my aims in 2008 is to increase my subscribers' size- no, not by giving away freebies. How I'll build this list is something I have to decide, because I want only the best people for this newsletter.

I have also planned some changes and enhancements for this newsletter. The PDF version that you are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg, as more changes are on the way! One thing I can promise you is that whatever change might take place, it will be for good and nothing else!

4. Mistakes, Mistakes and Failures: To be honest, 2007 has not been a very good year for me. I have even lost count of the number of failures I have encountered at the beginning of the year. The middle of the year has been so and so. However, the end of the year has been really very good to me, which is why I look forward to the New Year.

Self improvement experts would tell you that it is bad to reflect on your mistakes because that would make you dejected. That is a wrong notion. How can you correct something unless you know what wrong you have done? Stop your normal business for a few days and spend it on self-reflection. Think about what mistakes you committed this year, how you can rectify them and more importantly make sure that they are not repeated again! This is crucial. One who makes a mistake only once is only human; one who repeats the same mistake over and over again is an utter fool, because it is apparent that he/she has learnt nothing from life.

Mistakes are there so you can discover your strengths as well as your weak spots; then all you need is to play on your strengths and 'outsource' your weaknesses. Which brings me to the New Year Resolution #5.

5. Organizing and Outsourcing: Last but not the least, I would like to organize my disorganized life. I know it is a very bold challenge, but I'll have to do it anyway! I have got virtually every organization tool available on my Desktop but I am living proof of the fact that tools and tactics can get you nowhere unless you take the action required on your part! My other aim is to outsource some of my niche marketing tasks. I had a good taste of outsourcing in the middle and later part of 2007. You know – outsourcing is so addictive. Once you get into it, and like the results (and you WILL like it), you will be tempted to do it again and again! In most cases, you will get far better results from outsourcing than by doing it all yourself, provided of course you are ready to pay the top dollar.

When it comes to outsourcing, don't be a cheapskate! Take for example – article writing. My ghostwriter charges about $6-6.50 for a decently written 500-word article (research included). I know there are writers who would offer the same service for $3 or $4, but remember that oftentimes you get what you pay for. If you hire cheap article writers, in 90% of cases they will either give you copyrighted material, or content that is written in poor English. The first one can land you directly in court, the second one will mar your online credibility; your readers will stop reading your articles and that will be the end of it!

There are some membership sites that offer you article writing services. I joined one such membership but hadn't had good results. I cannot say for others, but I am not going to join another of those memberships again!

Okay, so this is roughly the list of my New Year Resolutions. While I am aware of the fact that 60% of resolutions made in the New Year are never carried out, it never hurts to create them, right? It is fun to dream and think big! What are your resolutions for 2008? Feel free to post them on my blog!

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    How To Make 2008 Your Year…

    In this article I would like to point out how to think ahead in 2008, reflect on the past and try not to make the same lame mistakes as you did in 2007….