How To Build Your Opt-in List And Boost Your Affiliate Sales

Just think how all the big guys are able to make so much money? What is the common factor that makes them “big guys”? Simple, they have a list, a huge list of subscribers. But your list needn’t be always huge, but it must be responsive.

Today I will teach you how to build a list of eager and powerful subscribers who will throw open their wallets at your beck and call.

I guess you are already familiar with the terms ‘list’, ‘opt-in’,etc. Still I am explaining them in brief for the newbies. A list is the collective name given to a bunch of people, who have subscribed to a specific topic, or shown an interest in a specific product, whether free or paid.

An ‘opt-in’ list is created when a subscriber, out of his own self-will, opts-in to receive your emails by submitting his or her details in a web-based form or by email. An opt-in list is what is recommended by most marketers.

Now, how to attract subscribers to join your list? Offer them something valuable, maybe a software, an e-book, a whole package of powerful tools, something that can be useful to your subscribers, and something for which they will join your list. And make sure that what you offer them doesn’t cost money! People these days are very skeptical about everything, and unless you are a ‘big guy’ who has a lot of name and fame all over the internet, people are not going to pay you without knowing you first hand. So whatever you offer, offer it free. Every person is a freebie seeker and if you offer visitors something valuable for free, they will willingly become your subscribers.

The more gifts you offer, the better. Just make sure you don’t overdo it!

Now you might be asking yourself: “How will I make money from these subscribers?”Well, once they get into your list, build a lifelong relationship with them as if they are your friends. Believe me, if you treat your subscribers nicely, they will repay your favors someday. Offer them free and valuable tips, offer them ‘subscribers only’ discount coupons. In short try your best to keep your subscribers happy. For more information on how to build your opt-in list and boost your affiliate sales, [adrotate banner=”37”]