Is Your List Filled with Invalid Emails?

UPDATE: A lot of the email addresses listed here are being blocked by Facebook and a few others. If none of the emails below work for you, then please try the list of disposable emails at Ghacks!

I am not talking about absolutely invalid emails. You can get rid of them quite easily using a double-optin method of subscription. What I am talking about are disposable email addresses: email addresses which remain valid only for a few minutes, days or months. Using such email addresses, people can subscribe to your list, get away with whatever freebie you have got to offer them, and then they don’t even need to unsubscribe because the email address itself would expire very soon!

While the subscriber has gotten a very valuable freebie from you, you are left in the dust with an invalid email in your database. You are faced with email bounces, bandwidth wastage, and what not! :)

This can hardly be tolerated! :P (kidding)

Usually, subscribers use a disposable email address when they either:

-Don’t trust the list owner enough (now why would anyone subscribe to such a list, which brings me to the next point)

-Don’t have any interest in what the newsletter has to offer, other than the initial freebies. Personally I really don’t like the idea of attracting subscribers using only freebies as baits, but that could be a discussion for another day.


I have got a confession to make! I too use these disposable email services quite frequently! ;) Long time ago I used them for joining marketing lists, but nowadays I hardly subscribe to any internet marketing list; rather I use them for registering on forums for the purpose of building backlinks-mainly out of laziness. :D If you have been reading NuttieZine long enough, you may be already acquainted with my ultimate secret to getting tons of backlinks at no cost article series. ;)

Anyway, personally, while I don’t mind using disposable emails now and then, I do mind people using them when subscribing to Nuttiezine or buying stuff from me. :P You can call me a hypocrite for that if you like. At least I don’t send out meaningless emails to waste their time. ;)

Now to cut the cr*p, here is a list of domains I have blocked from my database. To add a wildcard entry to a domain, simply prefix the domain with a *@, such as * This is only required if your script/service does not allow you to block subscribers by domains (last time I checked, Aweber allows this). (this is the 10 minute email service; please note that 10 minute email changes domains regularly, so you would have to take note of that and update your database accordingly) (interestingly enough, every new email address I create here gets flooded with Viagra ads within a day or two; go figure :D ) (this is the mytrashmail service; please note that mytrashmail changes domains regularly, so you would have to rake note of that and update your database accordingly) (this is the temporary email service) (this is the temporary email service)

This list may not be exhaustive so you are encouraged to share your own list too, if you don’t mind. ;)

What? You did not find this long and boring article useful? That is okay, because at least you got bored. :P Now, will you please click here to post a nice comment? Thanks. :D


  1. Gail

    Years ago (when I was trying to build a list lead for my network marketing company) my upline kept “giving” me lists of supposedly hot leads. I remember that kind of email address on those worthless lists for sure!

    I tried emailing a bunch of them once and almost all of them came back as undeliverable.


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  3. Ari

    Would you agree that these kind of disposable email addresses are mainly used by people in the IM-Make money online niches?

    1. Arindam


      Maybe, maybe not. I would however suggest blocking these domains even when building niche lists. Why take chances? ;)

  4. Forest

    Very useful post Arindam, thanks. Luckily not had too much problem with this, I think it is worst in IM.