Low Carb Diet Tips: 6 Dangerous Low Carb Diet Traps You Should Avoid

If you have been on a low carb diet regimen for sometime, you know that the first week after you switch from a high carb to a low carb diet is absolutely the tightest part of the whole diet program. In this article I will tell you how to escape the other three dangerous low carb diet traps.

4. Trap#4: Low calorie intake is as bad as high calorie intake. Those who have read trap#3 in my previous article will sure think of modifying their diet by cutting out a lot of calories. This is again a wrong approach. If you go to gym to burn your calories and then eat nothing but a Luna Bar for breakfast and some high-fiber cereals for lunch, your body is not going to obey you. Soon you will feel hungry and you will start eating high carb foods like ice-cream trail mix and ultimately, instead of losing weight, you will end up gaining more!

Here is what you can do to escape this trap: understand that there is no fast way to lose weight. The maximum weight you should aim to lose per week should be between 1-2 pounds – no more, no less. If you burn too much calories then your body will think that you are going to kill it and it will burn fewer calories and slow down your metabolism. To give you exact numbers, try to eat 500 fewer calories per day but you should never cut down your calorie intake beyond 1,200 calories per day.

5. Trap#5: Trap#4 and trap #5 should be read together. There are people who think that skipping meals would help them lose weight faster. They tend not to eat the whole day. The irony is that they actually end up eating more calories this way. Let’s say you don’t eat any food until dinner time. By dinner time, you will feel so hungry that you will want to grab every fried food you can lay your hands on. At that time you wouldn’t care how much calories the food that you are going to eat contains. The result will be that you won’t lose an ounce of weight. Here is how to escape this trap: a good idea to carb hunger is to break your large meal into five or six smaller meals and eat each meal every two or three hours. Also, you should eat foods which have a lot of weight but are low on calorie, such as gazpacho, baked potatoes (without the toppings), fruits, and vegetables.

6. Trap#6: There may come a time when your weight will get stalled: meaning that you will come to a point when you won’t lose any further weight. Your most obvious response to this problem will be to cut down on calorie intake. But you can cut down your calorie intake only so far. If you cut calories beyond a certain level, your body will go into starvation mode and refuse to shed any more pounds. Here is what you can do to escape this trap: regular exercises will come to your help. Walk for thirty minutes per day. Hit your local gym as frequently as you can. Do strength training exercises. You will soon see that you are losing a lot of weight by virtue of regular exercises. For more information, [adrotate banner=”54″]