MUST HAVE Tool for Backlinks of Angela and Paul

Roboform, that is! If you are tired of filling forms, give your hands and the poor keyboard a break, and use this tool. It has made my life simpler, so I am sure it would be useful for you too!

Now, while I use Roboform for a lot of stuff, in this article I will just tell you how to use it for Angela’s backlinks and Paul’s backlinks! You would however need to buy the Pro version of Roboform; the free version is too limited to be useful in this case!

Note also that, as of this writing, Roboform does NOT work with "flash forms". Right now, very few sites using such forms, but I am sure that a couple of years from now, Flash would be as popular as JavaScript and HTML are today! Hopefully, by that time, the Roboform guys would upgrade their software to work with Flash forms! :D

From my experience, I can tell that Roboform works best with HTML, .htaccess, and basic JavaScript forms; it offers "limited" support for Ajax-based forms too!

Once you have purchased and installed Roboform Pro, download this file, unzip it using Winzip or Winrar, copy the "Z-ID for Backlinks Subs.rft" file to Roboform’s Default Profile folder, which should usually take the form of:

C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\My Documents\My RoboForm Data\Default Profile

The identity should now be available both from your Roboform toolbar as well as the administrator console of Roboform! Launch Roboform from your taskbar, and click the "EDIT" button to modify the information you want! I have added notes within the Identity card itself, but for your convenience, I am also including them below! Enjoy! :)

You would want to customize the data with your information. While most fields are self-explanatory, I would specially ask you to take note of the following:

Person tab:

Phone numbers: Not usually required, and I don’t recommend giving away your phone number to unknown sites! If a website insists on this information, you can use a fake phone number instead (unless of course you know and trust the website really well)

Email: I use and recommend either a Gmail address or your own website address, such as

Income: Again not usually required, but I have provided a sample because a few sites ask for it.

Social security number: Not usually required, but I have provided a sample just in case some sites ask for it.  Be very careful about sharing your SSN number! Unless you know and trust the website really well, you should NOT provide this information!

Business tab:

Company name: I usually use my domain name (of the website I am building backlinks for) as my company name. Such as

Website: Domain name of your website (again, the one you are building backlinks for), which should usually take the form of OR

Credit Card and Bank Account tabs:

This information is usually not required, and I have NOT provided samples for them either, for reasons explained below!  Be very careful about sharing your credit card and/or bank account details! Unless you know and trust the website really well, you should NOT provide this information!

Personally I keep these two tabs empty. There are sites which ask you to join a trial membership or something, usually optional. However, when you are filling forms at such sites, you are at risk of accidentally entering your credit card information (in case you have stored it in Roboform) and have your card charged for no reason! ;)

Same thing may happen with bank account numbers too. So, if you store any information in those tabs, double check each and every form you fill up; otherwise, I would suggest you leave them blank!

Authentication tab:

Password: I highly recommend you use Roboform’s in-built password generator (it can be accessed through the "Generate" button on your toolbar) to generate your unique passwords. Passwords should be a minimum of 8 characters in length, and contain both alphabets and numbers.

Some websites even insist on passwords containing alphabets, numbers AND a special character, such as $,&,#, etc! You can generate such passwords as well with Roboform’s password generator!

Password answer: This helps recovering your password from a site in case you forget it (although, since you are using Roboform, this should not be the case with you). I suggest creating unique password answer. DO NOT use dictionary terms, phrases or idioms or your personal information as your password answer! Instead, use something absolutely unique that has no meaning for anyone except YOU, cannot be found in any dictionary, is not connected with you in any way, and is not easily guessable!

Custom tab:

I don’t use it personally; unless you are an advanced user, you should not either!

Any questions? Let me know! :)

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If you want to know how to get "fake information" to use at these backlinks sites, here is one naughty article I wrote a while ago (use your discretion while following the advice of the article! :D)

Comments please! ;)


  1. Spencer

    I subscribed to Angela’s backlinks service. This will help to save time. Later I’ll purchase roboform thru your link of course. I also subscribed to Fran’s automate Angela’s backlink’s service. I believe this is similiar so your techniques might save me money. Thanks for the idea.

    1. Arindam

      Hi Stephen,

      Actually it was Frank’s service that gave me the idea for this article ;) From what I understand, he would offer you 30 Roboform Identities each month, each of which would be customized to one of the backlink sites of Angela. What I am thinking though: what would happen if some of those sites change their structure, including registration forms and all that? It happens all the time, and in particular with Angela’s backlinks sites :D

      So, if something like that happens, then the identity belonging to that site becomes useless. So that is the reason why I did not subscribe. Good luck to anyone who does! :)

      On the contrary, my method would almost always work. I know because this is the exact method I use for those backlink sites! I usually use one common identity for building backlinks for one site; of course, you are free to customize the Identity as much as you like! :)

  2. Betsy

    There is so much to learn. I am going to download now and will let you know how it works.
    Thanks again for all this valuable information

  3. Laura

    Another great, informative post. Love the amount of detail you provide. If I decide buy the paid version, will be sure to use your link. Thanks, Arindam!

  4. leon

    roboform is very helpful when you are building backlinks. Help save alot of time

  5. William

    I enjoy your posts. But i am skeptical about using roboform because of the fear that they might be storing one information.

    1. Arindam


      Use the free and opensource keypass then:

      Whatever you use, using Lastpass or storing passwords into your browser is not recommended. :D

      Lastpass because:

      Browser because: If your version of browser has any vulnerability hackers can use that to gain access to your information. Tools like Roboform or Keepass usually protect your information by storing them in “encrypted’ databases which can be opened only by a master password. ;)

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