Tamanu Oil For Acne – Is It For Real?

Be it teens or adults, a lot of people have this quirky habit of pricking their pimples, whether with their nails or needles. Teens indulge in it all the time; many of them don’t know about the ugly repercussions that would follow and they think it is fun to prick the pimples when they have got nothing better to do. Adults do it, perhaps for fun too, even though most of them KNOW that doing it continuously will make the pimple burst and turn into an evil, dry scab.

The fact remains that it is way too tempting to prick acne pimples even when our better judgment tells us it is not okay to do so; before we realize it, it becomes our second nature. But what if you find a way to get rid of all your acne pimples so that you can finally relieve yourself of this nasty habit? In this article I will tell you about a natural product which is supposed to do exactly that!

When it comes to buying acme treatment products, tamanu oil is the real deal.

You haven’t heard of tamanu oil? Well, I guess you must be living under a rock, then. It is a tropical flowering tree that grows along the islands of the pacific belt. That means, if you have ever visited places like Vanuatu, Melanesia or Tahiti you had definitely seen it even if not recognized it. The oil is extracted from its kernel. As a matter of fact, tamanu oil is of dark green color and has a strong although weird smell.

Now you might ask, how does it cure acne? One of the nutrients contained in this oil is calophyllolide, which helps to reduce the skin inflammation caused by acne. Another component of tamanu oil is callophyllic acid, which hastens acne cure. However, tamanu oil is good not just at acne cure; few people know it but it also works great as an anti-cancer medicine! Tamanu oil comes with 4-phenylcoumarins which is a strong anti-cancer agent.

The great thing about tamanu oil, unlike other anti-acne skin care treatment products, is that it doesn’t stop at just curing the acne scars; it also helps in regenerating the damaged and dead skin tissues as quickly as possible. Tamanu oil works for a variety of skin problems and not just acne, scabies or psoriasis. You got any cuts, burns or bruises anywhere on your skin? If yes, then simply apply this anti-septic oil on the affected area and see how fast your skin gets healed! On another note, it is as gentle and soothing as a skin care product can ever get, plus it doesn’t cost too much either.

Tamanu oil has gotten some rave reviews on Amazon. In fact one customer claims that she doesn’t even need to use this oil all the time and that she primarily uses it on any kind of scars, burns, cuts, etc. Another customer claims that the oil is so effective that it seems to be healing even a two-year old surgical scar quite miraculously!

On top of that, celebrities like Supermodel Carol and Dr. Oz have endorsed its special benefits on the television. I really don’t think I need to say anything after this. The bottom line is, if you want to get your hands on an all-natural acne cure and skin treatment formula then tamanu oil is what you should invest in! For more information, simply click here!