The ONE Backlink Formula That TRULY Helped Me!

First, if you use for registering your domains (I recommend you do), you can get this month's coupon code from here!

I am sure you know how important backlinks are to the growth and development of an online business. I am also sure that you have a little experience in this 'backlinking stuff'.

Chances are that you have already dabbled in several backlinking options available such as social bookmarking, article marketing, press releases etc, and it is also possible that you have even joined some of those ;'linking' networks which promise you a lot of backlinks as long as you remain a member, paying a not-too-cheap subscription fee each month! :)

I can say all these because I have been there too. While all these methods DO work even now, I am going to inform you of yet another 'link building' option you may not be aware of! And I promise it is cheap; I know how badly we are all hit by the current recession!

Do backlinks from 'unrelated' sites matter?

For a long time I used to believe that getting themed, 'related' backlinks for my site is the only way to get good position in Google. Then I read in Jon Leger's ebook 'Search Engine Myths Exposed' that this is a myth (the ebook is no longer available online so if anyone wants a copy please log a ticket at

At that time I didn’t know whom to believe. I thought myself: "Okay, Jon is an intelligent guy, so what he says must be the truth?"  Thankfully, recently someone convinced me that I can get good search engine position even by liking to un-related sites-with PROOF of course. :)

The person is Angela Edwards; she is a subscriber of Nuttiezine and I am a member of her backlink builder membership. I have used several backlinking services in my life and Angela's is the best one I have joined so far. You would be surprised to know that it costs only $5 per month, but now you don’t even need to pay that. She is giving away a free trial to her membership at her WSO!

I guess I should envy all those who are taking advantage of this trial because I didn't get one :P

But then if I had joined it on a free trial I would have felt guilty because the links are just too valuable :D

I don't get any compensation from her for recommending her WSO! When it comes to recommendation, the subject of compensation has never been of any concern to me! Time and again, I have recommended products where I haven’t received any compensation, and likewise I have desisted from suggesting products where I was offered JV commissions, simply because the product was absolutely useless.

I am recommending her membership because I firmly believe in it and if you really want to go for a solid, proven and reliable backlinking model that would never become invalid then I believe Angela's membership is the perfect deal for you!

How does it work?

Once you john the membership, you will get a packet of 30 HIGH Pagerank (PR) sites (I am talking of sites which have a PR of 6, 7, 8, etc) EACH month. These sites allow you to leave a linkback to your site…for free :)

Some of these sites are niche forums where you could post a one-liner and have your website link in your signature file; others are niche blogs where you could post an intelligent comment and leave a linkback, etc. Some others auto authority news sites!

You can already imagine how much respect your business would gain by linking to these authority sites, but let's cut to the chase :D

There are many many types of sites you would find in each month's packet, and you can leave your links on ALL of these sites. Some of these sites would allow anchor texts and others won't!

No matter in which niche you are, I'd bet that most of these sites have absolutely NOTHING to do with your niche, but that doesn't matter, because you would get good search engine position from these backlinks.

I am especially recommending December's packet not only because the sites of this packet carry some of the highest Page Rank sites available, but also because you can use your chosen ANCHOR TEXT on the majority of them! So I would suggest that you take advantage of the trial, even if you decide to cancel later! ;)

Can I Spam?

The main overriding rule you need to follow is: you must NOT spam these sites. I know that often we don’t intend to spam but still unwittingly end up spamming the place…that is something you need to take care of ;)

Give Me a Reason

I would say that this membership is much better than 3wl or other similar services, for four reasons:

1. First, and obvious reason is that the membership fee is extremely cheap. Once you have this membership in tow, you can even forget about coughing up mega bucks for buying 'high PR backlinks'.

2. You have full control over who links to you, since it is YOU who puts the backlinks on other sites, and not the other way round!

3. Even if you leave this membership at any time (I know you won't), your old links would stay INTACT!

4. There has been some controversy as to whether the strategy adopted by 3WL or Linkvana is white-hat or 'Google-compliant'. I cannot answer this question with absolute conviction since I am not a Google expert, but this much I can say that the backlink formula used by Angela is completely white hat and legit!

No matter how much Google's algorithm changes tomorrow, your site's position in Google would remain the same. After all, can Google really penalize you for linking to authority, respectable sites? :)

Do You Have Any Proof?

For those who need proof, here is how her membership helped me.

Sidenote: I have also hired her to do all the backlinking for me, in addition to the membership. This is not mandatory; you can do all the backlinking yourself, and it is not hard since she offers a step-by-step guide with screenshots for EACH site!

But I hired her because I simply don't have time to do all this backlinking stuff and more importantly, she is a better expert than me in those things. I have watched her comments on some forums and blogs that she made for me and I dare say that if you check her comments on these forums and blogs, you would think that she is a real expert in these niches  ;)

Okay, now for the proof. Check this screenshot (click to get a larger view):

Google Screenshot

Some of my NuttieZine subscribers are probably familiar with the site. Many times I have received emails from happy customers about how good my plr content is. But as you know, good content without backlinks is useless. :P

Before I joined Angela's membership, this site was nowhere to be seen on the first page of Google. I joined her membership in October I guess. However I found that I don't have the time to do all the backlinking work so I hired her from November.

She used only her November packet and my site jumped from a 'nobody' to 'somebody', gaining a third position in Google at the end of that month. I was pleasantly surprised by the developments. It was the result of just 30 backlinks that she had done for me!

But guess there was more in store for me!

This month, I saw that my site is number ONE in Google (that is when I took the above screenshot). I cross-checked it with Angela and she said she was still seeing it at #3. Well I guess Google is showing different results to different countries but I am sure when she adds 30 more backlinks to my site it would show up as #1 in ALL countries.

And maybe, that would be this year's Christmas gift for me ;)

Another think I like about this membership is that the sites that you would be linking to are all respectable, authority sites in their own niches, sites you would be PROUD to link to! No blackhat, adult or porn site, mind you :D

You probably know well that one-way linking is much better than reciprocal linking, firstly because Google gives lower value to reciprocal links than one-way links and secondly, not all webmasters would agree to give you a reciprocal link!

I a'nt any guru or anything, just a regular guy like you, so if I can benefit from this membership, I am sure anyone can! If you take a look at the backlinks of my site, you would see that I link to several sites which are not even remotely related either to "plr" or 'internet marketing" in general:    

I may not get direct traffic from some of these sites, but I don't care, because Google values these links and I would get direct traffic from Google anyway! ;)

It is NOT A Number's Game

From what I said above, I think one thing is pretty much clear to you: you can get good rankings even with a few, high quality backlinks. If anyone told you that you need thousands of backlinks to rank high in Google, I won’t call him an 'SEO-expert'. Basically you have two options: get 1,000 'low-PR' backlinks or 100 'high-PR' backlinks; both would give you the same results! But if you are smart, I am sure you would choose the first option!

Angela once told me that she takes care not to include any 'low-PR' site in her packets; I must believe her, for I haven’t yet found any site whose pagerank is less than 5, and most are actually in the 6-8 range, and some even have a pagerank of 9!

It is All About Balance

SEO can be pretty messy and confusing, so left me tell you something else. If you think that you need to link only to HIGH-PR sites to get good rankings, that is also not true! At the end of the day, it is all about balance and moderation, and I am sure even Google wants it that way! Problems crop up when some marketers take certain SEO methods to an extreme level or rely exclusively on any one SEO method.

What I just told you about is just an option and I highly recommend you use it, but at the same time I would say that you DO NOT rely on it exclusively. Use it as an option. Treat it as a supplement to your backlink building efforts. There is no reason to discontinue the other things you may already be doing for getting backlinks, for example…

If you work in non-internet marketing niches, you can easily create a software which looks more like our old-fashioned .EXE ebooks, distribute it as 'freeware", and gain a lot of backlinks from authority shareware directories that way. It is a lazy way to build backlinks, so to speak ;)

[SMART Tip: I have heard that charges $97/month for their premium membership. If you were thinking about becoming their premium member, I would say that you could use that money to hire Angela as your backlink builder instead; IMO that would be a better investment!]

And now that you have another great link building option under your belt, I think you could even take a few rejections or delays in your stride (IF it happens, that is)!

I am not asking you not to use, it is still good for getting traffic and get your articles published to many other sites, but since it is becoming more and more freaky lately, I would suggest that you keep your options open, now that you know that is not the only way to get on the first page of Google :D

Last year I had written about how social bookmarking helped in getting my article indexed within hours! Today I am glad that I have found more ways to achieve the same results!

If I am not wrong, I think a permanent backlink on just one PR5 or PR6 site currently costs $100. Well I decided to use that money to hire Angela as my virtual link builder ;)

I might as well add that if you have avoided a niche or keyword-phrase simply out of fear of competition, you could now kick your competition in the a** with this membership. :D This is NOT hype; you got to get inside to believe me ;)

Call it a 'pitch' or anything else you will, but I devoted an entire article on it because I strongly feel many of my Nuttiezine subscribers would greatly benefit from it. And unfortunately, it is not as well known or well marketed like either 3wl or Linkvana. :(

For many years I have believed that you get what you pay for, and I still believe in the adage, but I guess Angela is an exception to that rule ;)

And I guess I'm too, because…ain't my plr deals cheap as well? ;)

As always, I look forward to your comments :D


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