Ultimate Secret to Getting Tons of Backlinks at NO Cost-Part 2

Just so you don’t think I am misleading you, I should tell you this before hand:

I am not going to talk about the latest and greatest software tool that would help you mass submit (or rather say, "mass spam" thousands of sites).

With that said, I am going to tell you of a few methods you can use to find sites that allow backlinks Note that to use this method you must be:

– Motivated

– Enterprising and willing to work hard

– Willing to move on in case you encounter bad sites. Remember, no matter how smart you are, you WILL encounter a few sites that are averse to backlinks, just about any kind of backlinks, regardless of whether you believe they are "bad" or "good" links. There is no point in arguing with the webmasters of such sites; I prefer to move on!

– Have a little knowledge in HTML, BBCode, etc. ;)

– Lastly, I would also like to add that if this method fails to work at anytime in future I won’t be responsible for it (but I would certainly appreciate it if you let me know of the same :D)

That said, I am sure if you follow my instructions you should be  able to find enough sites where you can drop links. :)

There are numerous ways to find sites where you can drop backlinks. Let us discover them…. ;)

IMPORTANT: You MUST acquaint yourself with the Google search operators before proceeding with the rest of the article. These are the typical operators you would use to make a search query in Google. Call it math or science, but unless you understand these queries properly you won’t be able to make some of the "techy" search queries that are required to find good backlink sites. :D

For reference purposes:

HTML Code to use for Backlinks:

<a href="">Keyword</a>

BBCode to use for Backlinks:


Textile markup to use for Backlinks:


2. PunBB forums:

a) Where to drop backlinks:

A Punbb™ forum usually offers you 2 places to drop backlinks:

i) The profile page: On newer versions of Punbb installations, you can access this page by logging into your forum account and then clicking on: "Profile=>Identity".  

For older versions of Punbb installations, you can access this page by logging into your forum account and then clicking on: "Profile=> Personal".

On this page, you will find a section called "Website". You can add a link there in this format:


NOTE: Here you won’t get the benefit of ‘anchor text backlink’; instead, you will be able to add only 1 hard link.

ii) Signature: The second place to drop links is of course, your forum signature. You should format your link in BBCode format. You can access your signature section by clicking on: "Profile=>Signature" (for older versions of Punbb forums you can access this page by clicking on "Profile=> Personality" instead). 

I kept it for the last because I don’t recommend adding links to your forum signature unless you have no other option.

As you might know, most (if not all) non-Internet marketing forums don’t like signature links, and even the internet marketing forums which do allow signature links are very strict about its use (see Warriorforum’s rules for a refresher). So, use this option only as a last resort. Some cases where you may need to add links to your forum signature are:

a) If your forum profile is not visible to the public (in this case Google won’t be able to see your profile either)

b) If your forum profile is visible to the public but NOT your website (again in this case Google won’t be able to see your link so your profile’s visibility does not really matter)

Usually this happens with very few forums and where it happens, it usually means that the forum has been heavily spammed, prompting the admin to  shut off all places where one could drop links! :)

If at all you have to use the signature, don’t put links in the signature right away! Instead, put your own name or some famous quote (depending on the topic of the forum, but NO LINKS should be there) in the signature box! Next, make an innocuous post and wait for the post to get buried. Afterwards you can go back into your forum account and add the links in your signature.

Tips: When you are new to a forum, it is usually much better to reply to an existing post (the one with lots of replies) than start off a new thread, and making a substantial, intelligent post is better than a "me-too" post (it is another matter if you don’t consider yourself "intelligent" enough, in which case your only resort would be the "me-too" post; I would acknowledge myself guilty enough of it. ;) ).

Usually, the good sections to post are the "General discussion", "Off-topic", "Chat", or "Introduce Yourself" sections of a forum, as they are not as strictly moderated as the main sections of the forum

Also, there are some forums which may not automatically approve your post; but even with such forums, as long as you don’t add the signature links right away, your post will usually get approved.  :)

b) How to find PunBB forums: Punbb may offer you only 2 places to drop backlinks, but the number of queries you can use to find PunBB forums are certainly more than 2! :D Let us just explore some of them (because I am not sure if I know all the queries, hee hee ;) )

Queries you can use to find such sites (note that for each query, you can customize your options by clicking on "Show options" on the left to show you only forums, and "Advanced search" on the right of the search results page to show you only English sites; I have done it all for the sample queries):


"Powered by Punbb" (sample query)
Query yielded: 859,000 results

Query#2 (Use this only IF query#1 fails for some reason):

Powered by PunBB (sample query)
Query yielded: 397,000 results

Query#3 (Use this only IF query#1 and 2 fail for some reason):

Websites containing the word "" within the site’s text (sample query)
Query yielded: 2,950 results

Query#4 (Use this only IF query#1, 2 and 3 fail for some reason):

PunBB Backlinks (sample query)
Query yielded: 2,224,779 results (you might get more backlink sites with this query but chances of false positives are equally high)

I deliberately chose Yahoo™ site explorer here as Google™ is not too honest about showing all external backlinks of a website to anyone other than the website owner. After all, their motto is "Do no evil" (and spying on another person’s website is probably as much "evil" in Google’s eyes as are "artificial link building" and "pagerank selling".) ;)

Query#5 (Use this only IF query#1, 2, 3 and 4 fail for some reason):

Sites related to (sample query)
Query yielded: 196 results (you may get a lot of false positives with this query)

Verdict: Query#1 is best! ;)

For Finding Niche forums ONLY (that is, forums related to a particular niche or topic). I have found that the following search queries are working decently:

"Powered by PunBB"+"intitle:weight loss" (replace "weight loss" with your niche; check sample query)


Powered by PunBB+acne (replace "acne" with your niche; check sample query)

FYI: Either query should work fine for any niche; however,  I got more results with the first query than the second one. :)

Now go and spam all the PunBB forums you can find while I write the next part of the article. :D  ;) (only kidding)

I cannot give an ETA on when the next part of this article would be available, as I am busier than usual this month (and of course, a lot depends on the number of nice comments I receive for this article ;) )

So there you go – amongst some of the best gifts you might have received for New Year, you also get a long and boring gift from the Nuttie Guru. :D Talk about having variety! ;)

Now, if you liked this article, would you mind posting a nice comment below? ;)


  1. Sonia Panesar

    Thanks for an informative and helpful post. Great step-by-step instructions.

  2. Jim Hudson

    I have been mostly reading here without commenting, but I have to say that the info I have been getting here goes along with my Angela and Paul backlink strategy. Mr. Nuttie himself has an ebook included in the package when you purchase and gives extra info to put your new resources to work for you. I have been watching my keywords climb the pages over the last 12 days or so, I use some of the info in here to compliment my work. It helps to have everything laid out in a real easy to understand format for the new people too.

  3. Internet Marketing Muscle

    Great tactic for finding potential backlink sites! I had no idea…one more tool to throw in the old SEO toolbox.

    Thank you!

  4. Bruce

    Thank you.

    I’ve just started using Angela’s packets, and still have a lot to learn about how to do so effectively.

    I’m sure this extra information will help

  5. Chandan

    Informative article Arindam. I found one backlink checker tool – It’s a great tool. Using this tool you can easily find out good amount of backlinks.

    Have a great day :-)

  6. Virginia

    Oh, Arindam, this is just what I was looking for. Very timely. Do you read minds? My only problem is not getting sidetracked and spending an hour reading about things that I get interested in. LOL.

  7. Zalman Silber

    Great article, as always. I appreciate the operator functions that you gave examples of… No more buying link packages for a while, until I give this a try!

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    Thank you very much for this information. I will be spending a lot of time building backlinks due to the information I have learned here.

  9. Hamant Keval

    Hi Arindam,

    Many thanks for that detailed article.

    Its quite amazing what you can dig up with search querries which is one of less used features of search engines and one that is not used by many people, and yet you can do so much spying as well with carefully crafted search strings.

    In fact recently using the same technique I found some “super affiliates ” ad techniques and where they were effectively selling thier products.

    Thanks again


  10. Renee

    Hi Arindam,

    Good information! I’m still learning about backlinks and your series has helped me tremendously! I’d be lost without your clear explanations of how to find backlinks. Thank you so much!

  11. Mark E Thurston

    I usually outsource back-linking… and not to just anyone. That someone has to use proxy servers and other IP altering tools. My main out-sourcer has several thousand of his own 2.0/blog service/own blog/forum, etc. properties.
    Doing back-linking using a site owners IP to the site they own IS (according to my sources) picked up and renders that back-link next to useless. (In my own limited experience I have found my own un-IP-cloaked back-links never show up in Google, ever.). With the advent of Caffeine and Google’s use of Hadoop, they have the ability to have a spider on every site on the net 24/7. As I understand it, though they do not penalize for it, they do not count back-links with a history of a great deal of association with the site back-linked to, (ftp use, admin area entry, etc.) Dunno if any of that is truly a fact, but could explain why more back-links show in every other tool but Google’s.
    (I back-linked a domain top directory with 500 back-links. A month later I outsourced 350 to the same page. two weeks after that the page hit page one in Google for the 4 anchor texts used. To this day, none of the 500 back-links I did show in Google’s tool while most of the outsourced ones done 30 days later do.)

    There is an interesting phenomenon I came across that is off topic, but I find fascinating none-the-less. I am somewhat reluctant to share it as everyone I have shared it with either thinks I am talking about personalized search (which I am not), thinks I am crazy or appears to do into a state of denial about it. (Except for one Adwords expert who told me I was not the first to notice it and that it was actually a topic of conversation with Google ‘gurus’.) Maybe I’ll email you a link to a post about it I made and this guy’s response. But only if you promise to not think I am nuts!

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  15. PCGA-Bp2NX

    Are these links we get from forums dofollow or no follow .

    1. Arindam


      For Punbb forums, I have not found any “nofollow” link yet. I don’t think a backlink from these forums is “nofollow” by default. Now if some forum owners decide to change the code and make the links nofollow there is not much anyone can do about it :)

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