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The Appendix of Cpanel!

Cpanel is a software, and not much different in this respect. It offers you several useful tools; at the same time, it also offers you two useless tools

Problem Downloading MYSQL Backup from Cpanel? Try This Small Fix!

You might have faced a similar issue-once you change your Cpanel login details, and try to backup your SQL database, you are astounded to find out that the size of the database backup you just downloaded is just 20 bytes or so
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4 More Web Hosting Tips to Save Your Business!

Whatever you do, DO NOT rely exclusively on your host for data backups! If you have a Virtual Private Server or dedicated server, you can configure automatic backups from within your Cpanel/WHM; apart from that, you also have the option to create a

Top 4 Web Hosting Tips to Save Your Business!

Your chosen web host could make or break your business! Regardless of which hosting provider you wish to go for, here are a few pieces of advice
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Hosting Headache-Part 2

I have had troubles with their upgrades in the past but chose to keep mum considering that their service was okay. But I guess now I am

Hosting Headache-Part 1

Thieves could easily peek into these folders and steal your files (unless you have password-protected those folders)! I know of three ways to protect a folder using Apache