2 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Acid Reflux

Are you suffering from acid reflux? Oh, wait, what a stupid question I am asking here! If you were not suffering from acid reflux then why on earth would you be reading this article, right? Hmm, okay, so now you are looking for some easy solutions to the problems, I guess. I assume that antacids have failed to work for you and now you have decided to go to the doctor. Save your money, I say. Before offering you any medicines at all, chances are that your doctor would ask you to change your lifestyle in a big way. So keep your cash back in your pocket, sit back and relax because I am going to tell you exactly what you should do in order to change your lifestyle in such a way that you find it extremely easy to get rid of acid reflux fast – all free of charge!

Complex carbs and Low-fat foods: Foods rich in complex carbohydrates are good for you if you are suffering from acid reflux. Guess why? Such foods prevent the stomach acid from getting bounced back into your esophagus, thereby ruining any chance of acid reflux. Example of such great foods include breads made of whole grain wheat, rice, pasta, etc. To enable your stomach to digest these foods properly as well as to keep your body weight in control (one tends to put on a lot of weight quickly otherwise) I would suggest that you eat these foods in small portions, rather than eating one large chunk of a meal at a time. Similarly, if you drink milk you should drink only the kind of milk that is low on fat; fatty milk would do nothing but exacerbate your situation. Cookies which are low on fat should be fine too, as would cheese; in fact, cheese is really good for people suffering from acid reflux. In general, avoid very richly spiced foods, creamy cakes, ice creams (except the low fat variety) and you should be just fine.

As a matter of fact, the more you stick to wheat-based items, whether for your meal or desserts, you should be fine. Food items such as pretzels, graham crackers, bread, etc., should not trigger acid reflux at all.

Un-fried Foods: DO NOT fry foods at all; oil and spices are a no-no for you. Either eat your food baked or broiled. Such a regimen will help you not only to control acid reflux but also your weight. As for alcohol, if you don’t drink it, fine; but if you do, I would suggest that you either try to avoid its intake completely or drink no more than four ounces for up to a maximum of one or two times per week; drinking an excessive amount of alcohol will increase your weight as well as stomach acid, thereby worsening your acid reflux condition. Fruit wines should be avoided at all costs. If you need more information on how to cure acid reflux, [adrotate banner=”6″]