3 More Natural Ways to Get Rid of Acid Reflux


Meat and Fish: Whoever said that one needs to follow a strict vegetarian diet in order to get rid of acid reflux issues is not telling you the truth. You can definitely have meat, only you cannot have all kinds of meat. You cannot have fatty meat, but you can definitely bite into lean meat, ground beef, chicken, steak, etc. The only condition is that you must never cook meat using a lot of greasy oil; for best results, meat should be consumed either in broiled or grilled form. The same rule goes for fishes too. Truth to be told, there are some really very nutritious fishes that you should add as part of your diet, and as long as you cook them properly, no harm can come upon you!

Un-carbonated drinks: Soft drinks which are rich in sugar should be avoided. Instead of having carbonated drinks, switch to the non-carbonated ones and watch how acid reflux slowly becomes a thing of the past! You should mostly stick to water or flavored water for drinks. Similarly, you can no longer drink just about any kind of tea or coffee. Herbal tea or decaffeinated coffee are generally good for your health. Speaking of herbal tea, look for the ones which contain either licorice root or chamomile or both, so that if your stomach is producing an excessive amount of acid this can be neutralized significantly merely by drinking tea. Another tea that you should keep in your arsenal is green tea. This tea is well known for helping people with digestive issues; specifically, it is great for acid reflux sufferers.

Ginger: Did you know that ginger can help you with stomach acid reduction and thus can be a cure for acid reflux? I would in fact, suggest that you make ginger an integral part of your diet. Buy fresh ginger from your market, grind it well using a grinder or anything else, and keep it readily available, so that you can add it to all kinds of food items you consume, such as beverages, meals, etc. Think that your cuisine doesn’t have a place for ginger? Well, switch to Chinese cuisine! Do you drink tea? How about adding ginger to it? It really tastes great that way, believe me.

Remember that this is not a comprehensive list of what foods you should eat and what not. In general, try to avoid foods which are high on acid content or if that is not possible for you, then eat them in lower quantities. More importantly, you should keep an eye on how your body reacts to the different food items you eat, as everybody can and does react differently to a particular food item. If you need more information on how to cure acid reflux, [adrotate banner=”6″]