6 Steps to Successful Internet Marketing

Maybe I am just beating a dead horse here, but I don’t think one could write it any differently:

1. Find out what people in your target market want.

2. Create a product/service to satiate their demand. OR, if you would like to be an affiliate for an existing product, decide on the kind of offer you would like to promote to your target market.

3. Build a credible website for promoting your product/offer. You don’t need to invest tons of cash in graphics; just a header or ecover image may do fine. What you need to invest in instead, is, content (you can invest either your time or money). Unique content/content written in a unique way can truly help make you noticed!

4. Create a compelling ad to sell your offer, and put that ad on your website

5. Get enough eyeballs to your ad (aka, traffic), then watch your numbers (income, ROI, conversion, etc). You can call it the #1 internet marketing tip: unless you watch your stats your business would be in dead water! :)

6. Rinse and repeat :)