8 Home Remedies To Alleviate Backpain

Do you want to alleviate backpain? Don’t worry, because it is easier to do than you think! About 80% of Americans suffer from backpain and you can take heart that you are not the lone sufferer. There are several reasons behind backpain: some serious, and some absurd. In any case you can easily alleviate backpain by using the remedies below!

1. You don’t need to buy expensive western medicines or pay a visit to your local doctor in order to alleviate backpain. Ayurveda has some of the best medicines that can help you alleviate backpain easily! Herbs such as Kaishore guggulu, Yogaraj guggulu and Musta are best medicines to alleviate backpain.

2. Of course, you are not limited to just Ayurveda. There are several home remedies that can be used effectively in order to alleviate backpain. For example, garlic and juice of basil leaves can alleviate backpain. You can easily make the basil juice by taking about 12 basil leaves and heat them in a cup of water until the volume of water becomes half. Then simply cool it down and drink it!

3. Apart from Ayurveda, homeopathy offers some of the best medicines that can help you alleviate backpain. You can take medicines such as Aesculus or Arnica which are widely used for treating injuries in muscles and soft tissues.

4. If your backpain is too severe, or you are having backpain during illness, Bryonia can help you alleviate backpain. In fact this remedy is also widely used to alleviate backpain caused after injuries.

5. Few people know that water is the best medicine that you can use to alleviate backpain. Apply hot and cold compresses on the affected area. Apply hot compress for about five minutes and then cold compress for about one minute. If done correctly it can work wonders towards alleviating your backpain.

6. Message your back daily with eucalyptus oil or mustard oil and see the soothing effect it gives to your back. Messaging is found to be very helpful for alleviating backpain, as it helps in proper circulation of blood in the affected area.

7. Back pain is usually caused when natural chemicals known as endorphins are blocked in between our brain and spinal cord. If your backpain persists for too long, try acupuncture. Many people have found that acupuncture helps to alleviate backpain by removing the blockages between brain and spinal cord.

8. One last remedy you can use to alleviate backpain is Yoga. If done regularly, Yoga can help in alleviating backpain to a large extent. If you need more information on how to alleviate backpain, [adrotate banner=”4″]