Cure Backache: 3 Exercises You Should Avoid!

I frequently tell people that exercise is the best way to cure backache. However, not all exercises are good for you. In this article, I will tell you about the exercises that you should avoid at all costs, because these exercises can augment your back ache instead of curing it.

1. Abdominal crunches: Abdominal crunches and sit-ups are the most popular exercises these days. The reason is obvious. People work hard on their abdomen; in fact they are quite obsessed with abdominal fat. However, you should know that regular abdominal crunches and leg raises put a lot of pressure on your back, resulting in back ache. If you want to cure backache then you should stop this exercise right now!

2. Running: While running may help you lose that extra flab and burn calories, it is not so good for your back. When you run, you put extra pressure on the joints and ligaments of your back. If you are already overweight, it means that your body is weak and is unable to take up any extra load. When you run and give extra pressure to your body, muscle spasm occurs and you experience back ache. A good workaround is to walk instead of running. Walking will help you burn the same amount of calories as running, although a bit slower.

3. Seated Leg Press or Sled Press: These types of exercises are popular among young guys whose aim is to impress their peers more than anything else. However, these guys seldom know how to do these exercises properly and in the process, they put their entire body weight on their backs. This excess pressure on the back causes back ache.

Note that this not an exhaustive list; there maybe other types of exercises that are bad for your back. However you should avoid these three more than anything else because they are notorious for causing back ache. If you need more information on how to cure backache, [adrotate banner=”4″]