Alleviate Diabetes: Warning! Diabetes Is Taking You Toward A Slow Death!

Do you know that diabetes is not just another disease; it is like a slow poison that is harming your body. In fact, it is taking you toward a slow death. In this article I will share with you some of the alarming statistics about diabetes that you may not be aware of!

People who are suffering from diabetes, especially elderly people aged 50 or above, may not live beyond a few years, according to a very recent study. In fact, people aged over 50 may develop several kinds of heart diseases that might increase their mortality rate. This is not to say that the younger diabetes patients wouldn’t be affected by these problems; however older diabetes patients are at greater of suffering from stroke and other heart diseases; this way, diabetes can cut short your life by several years! If you are a woman, you are at an even greater risk of developing heart diseases.

If you want to cure diabetes and live longer then you need to change your lifestyle from now on! If you are eating all the high carb junk foods, stop right now! Change your food habits: include foods which are rich in protein and fiber, such as fruits and vegetables. You also need to do regular workouts to ensure that you are always fit. This way you will be able to alleviate diabetes and increase your life expectancy. If you would like to know about more ways to alleviate diabetes and live longer, [adrotate banner=”16″]